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After departing the corporate world in early 2013 to follow her heart, Nadia Felsch has been devoted to sharing her message that you can eat well, look good and feel great! Sounds good to us!

Following the release of her first eBook, Nadia is using her sports background and dietary challenges to inspire others to greater health and wellbeing.

Her new website is a go-to destination for all things clean eating, fitness and wellbeing.

Now to get inspired with… 

Share your top 3 tips for optimal health and wellbeing…

  • Eat food as close to its’ natural state as possible
  • Become best friends with meal preparation
  • Find a way to move that you fall in love with

Share your song, mantra or affirmation that you live by…

Be Kind.

Work Hard.

Stay Humble.

Smile Often.

Share your favourite foodie moment…

It would have to be the first time that I made a birthday lunch for my beloved sister who is not only a big foodie though the one who in the past has done the cooking in our family.

Seeing the delight and enjoyment on the faces of my family as they enjoyed the clean and delicious food that I had lovingly prepared for us was the most rewarding feeling.

For me, this is what it’s all about!

Share your signature trait, the weird and the wonderful are welcome…

I’m a dancer. Not in the choreographed way though more so in the way that randomly, and without notice, I will start dancing. Even if there’s no music, I will jump around the kitchen, a shop or even the gym-floor and have an absolute ball being a little (or a lot!) silly.

Share your favourite most delish recipe with all of us…

Pomegranate and Dukkah Chicken salad! A satisfying rainbow bowl that’s one of my go-to recipes and is super delicious warm, cold or even as leftovers the next day!

Pomegranate and Dukkah Chicken salad

Best of all, you can prepare the elements ahead of time so dinner is ready in a flash and you can utilise the elements in other ways throughout your week.

This gluten-free dish is a simple and satisfying mix of complex carbohydrates, quality proteins and healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer and less likely to reach for those less-than-nourishing options.

The recipe is for one person so it’s great for when its just you and just as easily multiplied for more people or multiple servings. 

Thanks so much to Nadia for sharing her story with us all! Get the recipe for this delicious Pomegranate and Dukkah Chicken Salad and follow Nadia on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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