Kick Up Butt Action To Get Your Business Started!

Have you been thinking, talking, planning your business idea for a couple weeks now? A couple months? Or even a couple years?

Do you feel like you’ve been thinking and talking about it too long and not taking any action? 

You know we’re all about that bliss thing. Following the shiz outta your bliss/passion/purpose/the stuff you love! So that’s why we go out of our way to seek inspiration and motivation when we need it. 

At times we all need a friendly kick up the butt to take that small step forward.

The 7 Day Start Up Challenge might be your kick up the butt!

We’re super stoked to be part of The FREE 7 Day Start Up Challenge. We’ll be talking all things lifestyle balance, happiness and positive mindset… pretty much how to enjoy life as an entrepreneur and avoid burn out. Just as important as all the other stuff we say! 

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Bliss/passion/purpose isn’t always a full time job, simply adding 5 minutes of your bliss to every day can make life better.

But if you have the slightest calling to make it your full time job, we say JUST DO IT!

Because there are only so many tomorrows. 

Just start. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t have to change the world, you don’t need to make a bazillion dollars. Don’t waste your time thinking about what others are thinking about you (they’re probably too busy thinking about themselves anyway… trust us!).

If you have this calling, listen to it and don’t waste it. 

Dan Norris, founder of The 7 Day Start Up says…

“Our first 7 Day Startup challenge starts on January 19th 2016. For 1 week we’ll work together to launch your entrepreneurial project. It’s a free online program with daily sessions from the world’s best online entrepreneurs and constant interaction with thousands of badass hustlers like you. Let’s do it.”

Sounds fun, hey?! Heck yeh it does!

We’d love you to join us and tune into our session on Monday 25th January… but don’t just join for us! There are so many inspiring entrepreneurs participating including…

7-day-start-up 2 (2)

Nathan Chan, Foundr

“I’m Nathan Chan. In my 20’s I founded a top 10 ranked digital magazine called Foundr. Within 2 years I have built up our platform to serve over 1 million entrepreneurs and created a multiple 6 figure business. I will show you the exact marketing funnel I use to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Chris Ducker, Youpreneur

“Hey there, I’m Chris Ducker. I’m a best selling author of Virtual Freedom, world-renowned outsourcing expert, international speaker, podcaster and founder of an outsourcing business of 450 people.

I’m passionate about business generally but particularly passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you, achieve their dream lifestyle through online entrepreneurship. I’m going to show you how to present yourself online in a way that makes people trust you and buy from you.”

Joanna Wiebe, Copyhackers

“Hi, I’m Joanna Wiebe, the original conversion copywriter and the creator of Copy Hackers. Let me (and Dan) review your website in this hour-long session – so you can walk away with actionable tips to get more signups and paid conversions.”

Yeh… we told you AH-MAZING! 

We’re so excited! Eeeeee!

If you’re keen to get started head on over to The 7 Day Start Up Challenge and sign up. And let us know if you sign up!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

The computer images are via Startup Stock Photos  the 7 day start up image is obviously from The 7 Day Start Up!

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