I actually enjoy food AND LIFE so much more now


Our favourite thing to do is chat with MerryBody members. We were so lucky to not only sit down and chat with Serena but to read about her experience with MerryBody Yoga and Pilates. 

We feel humbled, we feel grateful, we feel love. Reading these words made us cry happy tears.

Thank you Serena, for choosing MerryBody… and thank you for sharing so openly. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

P.s If you’re interested in learning more about MerryBody head on over HERE.

I’ve been following the Merrymaker Sisters since before MerryBody. I have their recipe app, and have made plenty of their delicious, nutritious recipes.

At first, I was apprehensive about joining MerryBody, as I have tried loads of online fitness programs and ebooks, and nothing ever quite sticks.

Many of the Yoga and Pilates stuff I tried was either way too easy, with no tricky moves that encourage progress, or waaaay too difficult and fast, without adequate instruction on how to get to the harder positions.

MerryBody is GAME CHANGER. Watch Serena chat more here:

I love that you can do BOTH Yoga and Pilates, AND the fusion classes that combine the two – these are especially fun.

Emma & Carla are the best instructors I have ever worked out with. They consistently (without overdoing it) remind you to check your breath, and check-in with your different body parts, so you know exactly how everything should be feeling.

Even something as simple as a proper chaturanga. Most other programs expect you to already know the form, or stop and go and learn particular moves yourself – they go too fast, even if they’re only ‘beginner’ classes.

MerryBody taught me how to finally chaturanga PROPERLY!

The classes move at a really good pace, taking it slow so you get the form right, explaining exactly what you should be doing, then speeding it up so you can enjoy the form. They do a range of moves, and they challenge you to improve. They always offer alternatives so you can work at your own pace, and progress at the level most comfortable for your body.

There are also inspirational quotes at the end of each class which are awesome. You start with a grounding breath, and end on one, which I always look forward to. It’s all about body love.


MerryBody isn’t an exercise program. It’s a lifestyle. Emma and Carla are not influencers. They don’t spruik random protein powders, fitness or beauty products. You don’t feel like you’re constantly being marketed at. It’s really difficult to trust anyone in the media nowadays when you’re constantly being sold to.

Emma and Carla are real, genuine people that feel more like your best friends. There’s a genuine human connection. They hype you up and motivate you in such a positive way. They are totally available to their Merrymaker Community which is a refreshing change.

I am a reformed binge eater and bulimic, something most people don’t know. It’s a horrendous illness and I can’t even imagine what was going through my mind at this stage of my life, when I thought that was an okay thing to do to my body and myself.

While I managed to stop purging, something that is much harder to break is the toxic mindset that tells you you should not eat certain foods, or if you do, you should do a copious amount of exercise to ‘erase’ the bad foods (think 3 hours on an exercise bike or treadmill).

I caused myself a lot of damage; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Being a part of the Merrymaker community has affected my life in so many ways. I finally feel confident about my Body, and just in general. I’ve stopped stepping on the scales constantly, comparing myself to others, counting calories. I’ve stopped punishing myself with exercise. I now LOVE working out because

MerryBody makes you feel AWESOME.

I never quite got the ‘find an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise’ idea people always talk about, but I guess that was just because I hadn’t found MerryBody yet. It’s like a gift for the soul.

The negative voice in my head is gone, and there’s a new voice that keeps telling me I am strong and amazing. The messages you take in really do affect the way you view yourself and the world. I enjoy food AND LIFE so much more now. 

Since I started working out with Emma & Carla, I feel calmer, stronger, and so much more relaxed and grounded than I ever have before.

So so grateful for amazing women like the two of you; sending so much love, light, and virtual hugs. Love watching you two absolutely KILLING IT and excited to keep following your journey! XO


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