For those times when you can’t escape gluten. GluteGuard is for you!


This post is thanks to our blog partner, GluteGuard.

We’re so pumped about this product and we have a feeling you’re about to be too. Especially if you have a gluten intolerance. And well, we don’t like to assume, but we are going to for a second… if you love our recipes you’ve probably got some kind of gluten sensitivity since none of our recipes have gluten.

Are we right? Or are we right?

Now, we want to welcome you to the world of GluteGuard. We go into more detail below BUT in a little nutshell, you take a GluteGuard tablet just BEFORE you eat food that you think might be hiding gluten. The tablet makes its way to your tummy, the enzymes in the tablet help breakdown the gluten, this alleviates the crappy symptoms that come from eating gluten. Magical science stuff!

You might be thinking, but isn’t this why we all skip the gluten and follow a gluten free diet?

YES! You are correct but…

What about all the times when you just can’t trust your food?

These may be few and far between but man oh man how much would you love GluteGuard in these situations!? HEAPS! Yah, us too. 

All the times we wish we’d known about GluteGuard…

Those long as plane flights!

We always bring snacks on our flights but sometimes we get hungry and the options are super limited. Especially the gluten free options. And we swear, there’s hidden gluten in some ‘gluten free’ plane food. Long flights are hard enough without the cramps, bloating and urghhh diarrhoea. YUCK! 


Overseas trips (especially when there’s a language barrier).

Our last overseas trip was Bangkok and GluteGuard would have been our perfect travel companion. The conference food was epic, we had no worries about hidden gluten. BUT dinner time was a different story.  We went to a couple of super cheap places and we asked all the right questions, we were told there was no gluten in the food, but language barriers could turn our fun night into a nightmare.

Music festivals.

Carla went to a music festival she got the nachos… because nachos… and for the GF factor. BUT there was definitely some cross contamination going on because she felt gross. If only she had her GluteGuard in her handbag!


Some other imaginary situations where you’d want GluteGuard (hehe)!

You’re on a date, maybe a first date.

How bad would it be? You’re on the first date with super epic guy/girl and boom you can feel the attack of gluten coming on. Not the first impression you were going for, right?

Camping trips.

We’ll be honest. We do not camp. We tried it, Carla pretended to like it for a little while. But we can imagine getting sick from gluten would be NO FUN on a camping trip! With no comfy bed to lie in the fetal position while you wish your cramps away and no flushing toilet for errrrrrrr. Seriously, NO THANKS!

The science-y stuff about GluteGuard.

This is how it works (from team GluteGuard).

When taken immediately before a meal, GluteGuard tablets pass through the stomach to the small intestine. With GluteGuard’s smooth enteric coating, it has the ability to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach. Once in the small intestine, the enteric coating dissolves, the enzymes are released and exposed to gluten molecules, actively breaking down gluten at specific points into smaller peptides.

By targeting toxic fragments in this way, GluteGuard helps to prevent unpleasant symptoms that result from gluten sensitivity. In conjunction with a gluten free diet, GluteGuard breaks down peptides before they can inflict damage in the small intestine lining or trigger immune responses.

GluteGuard is for people with gluten sensitivities but remember! These tablets are not an excuse to forget about your gluten free diet. You choose to stay clear of gluten so you feel better, more energised, less bloated, less sick, more magical etc. etc. GluteGuard is here for those times when you can’t escape gluten.

If you give them a try let us know how you go!

If you want to get your hands on some GluteGuard or read more of the Science-y stuff CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

Always Merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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