The Comprehensive Guide to a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course


When you sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training you embark on a transformative journey that goes far beyond exercises on a Yoga mat. The Asana (exercises) are just a small part of Yoga, there is so much more to this ancient practice and this is what you dive deep into within a Yoga Teacher Training course. We’ve created this Comprehensive Guide to a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course to help you know whether it’s the next right step for you! Enjoy reading it and if you have any questions, send us a message on Instagram (@themerrymakersisters) or Facebook (The Merrymaker Sisters). 

To teach Yoga effectively and responsibly, certification is the best next step! The perfect place to start is with a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

Comprehensive Guide to a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course is perfect if you are beginning your Yoga Teaching journey. It lays the groundwork for leading Yoga classes. A 200 hour course will offer you a deep dive into Yoga’s history, philosophy, teaching methods, anatomy, sequence planning and more. You’ll experience this through a mix of theory coursework, practical workshops and assessments.

There are many Yoga Teacher Training programs to choose from, so be sure to do your research to find the perfect one to suit you. You’ll notice they are structured in many different formats to suit different schedules. You’ll find weekend courses, evening classes, intensive week-long modules, full-time immersive experiences and now completely online options. You’ll also notice the costs for a 200 hour course range from less than $500 to over $5000. Some will be more self-paced and in others, you’ll feel more guided and supported. 

In our opinion, it’s best to choose a course that is approved by the Yoga Alliance standards. This means the course follows internationally recognised guidelines and educational benchmarks. We also recommended that you do a little research on the lead teacher and get a feel for the Yoga Training School. Check-in with their values, read some graduate stories and reviews to help you make the right decision. This could also mean that you do multiple 200 hour Yoga Teacher Courses, because each and every school will give you a different experience! 

Our training, The MerryBody 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (MBTT) is an online experience designed to deepen your Yoga practice, expand your Yogic understanding and help you become a confident Yoga teacher. It’s approved by the Yoga Alliance, proudly certified with the Elevated Standards. This is no easy feat, the approval process was intense! But we are really glad we persisted, as this ensures your training experience is of the highest quality and standard.

Our program is not just about learning Yoga poses (but you certainly will do that with our movement workshop videos!). It’s an exploration of self-awareness, personal growth and professional development. Whether you’re looking to become a certified teacher or deepen your personal practice, our training offers a holistic approach, blending physical, mental and spiritual elements of Yoga.

MBTT Yoga Teacher Training Overview:

  • Duration: 16 weeks, completely online making it fit into your life and schedule.
  • Dates: The next round begins 17 March 2024. This will be our only cohort for 2024!
  • Certification: Yoga Alliance (RYT-200) approved. 
  • Access: 12 months to School of MerryBody platform. Longer if required.
  • Materials: 194-page training manual, certified teaching scripts and sequences. 

Module Breakdown:

  1. History and Philosophy: Delve into Yoga’s rich history and philosophy. You will understand how these ancient teachings can be integrated into modern life and teaching.
  2. Asana, Pranayama and Meditation: Master 108 specific poses of the School of MerryBody Lineage, learn about anatomical principles and enhance your meditation and breathwork techniques. 
  3. Anatomy and Physiology: Led by expert teachers, gain foundational knowledge in human anatomy and physiology. Learn how Yoga positively influences various body systems, this will inspire your personal pratice and motivate you to share your love of Yoga with others.
  4. Subtle Body, Mantra, Mudra, Ayurveda: Explore the subtle body concepts like Chakras and Nadis. Understand the integration of Mantra, Mudra and Ayurveda into Yoga practice. 
  5. Become The Teacher: Develop a unique teaching style, gain confidence and knowledge to teach both online and in-person. If you don’t want to teach Yoga this module will help you in many other areas of life!
  6. Ethics, Business and Development: Learn the business skills required for a successful Yoga teaching career, including marketing and ethical practices. Don’t worry, we know this sounds dry but we make it entertaining.

The Flexibility of Online Learning

With the ease of online access, you have the freedom to immerse yourself in the teachings from the comfort of your own space, on a schedule that works for you.

The combination of live and recorded sessions creates flexibility but also ensures you feel a strong sense of community and connection. Not just with the content, but also with us (Carla your lead Yoga teacher and Emma, course convenor) and fellow trainees. This format provides the perfect balance of flexibility and engagement.

Our weekly live sessions bring connection and accountability, this is where you’ll hear from Carla live and also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate feedback. Meanwhile, the recorded sessions offer the convenience of learning on your own time.  Plus you can revisit the material as often as needed, this is a game changer! 

Accreditation and Professional Prospects

After completing the course and ticking off all your assessments, you will officially become a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level (RYT-200) through the School of MerryBody. This qualification empowers you to instruct Yoga students of varying abilities. You will confidently be able to run Yoga classes that include, meditation, Pranayama (breathwork) and Asana (exercises).

A 200 hour Yoga certification is not only an achievement on its own but it also opens the door to many opportunities. You can teach at your local Yoga studio, start online classes, open your own studio, run Yoga events or teach Yoga within your corporate office! Just to name a few! 

Recently, Kirsty, a proud graduate of the MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training, led her very first Yoga class. It was more than just a class, Kirsty created a wonderful event that intertwined a beautiful morning Yoga flow with a group breakfast! 

“Just wanted to say thank you Carla and Emma for making me feel so confident and ready to follow my dreams. I could hear your voices in my head and it inspired me to keep going. It was truly a magical experience.”

Take a read of Kirsty’s story here. 

The MerryBody 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is more than a certification program. Over the 16 weeks, you will uncover, discover and recover your inner magic. You will feel stronger and more confident, inside and outside. You’ll connect with an amazing group of people and learn from one another. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as you progress through each module. You’ll gain new knowledge and skills but also a deeper understanding of yourself and the transformative power of Yoga. This journey will empower you to find and embrace your unique voice and style as a teacher. 

By the end of the 16 weeks, you’ll not only earn your 200 hour Yoga teacher certification but also emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity. You will be equipped with the tools and confidence to teach yoga authentically and effectively, ready to inspire and uplift others in their Yoga journey.

To learn more about the course and checkout the early bird special rate, head on over to this page. We are so excited to begin the next cohort on 17 March 2024! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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