Yoga Teacher Graduate Min: now sharing Yoga with her community!


If you’ve ever had an inkling or curiosity to know more about Yoga, then a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing place to begin.

I get it though, it’s not uncommon to feel fear around trying new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone… often thoughts of ‘not good enough’ can start to play on your mind. If this happens, I (it’s Carla here your Lead Trainer) want to urge you to try your best to quieten those thoughts. Don’t let those thoughts stop you from learning something new and experiencing something wonderful.

I know that you’ll be grateful you didn’t listen, just like our amazing Yoga Teacher Graduate, Min! Who, perhaps like you, felt the fear but did it anyway! When we asked Min how she was feeling before she started the training, there were plenty of emotions rising.

“As I begin to undertake my Yoga Teacher Training, I am filled with many emotions. Fear, excitement, nervousness, wonder and many many others are all rising within me. Fear of the unknown is I think the biggest fear of all, not knowing if I will be good enough, not knowing if I can actually do it, not knowing if anyone will come to a class if I actually do get through and choose to teach.”

Spoiler alert: Min is already teaching highly sought after classes in her community! In fact, she was awarded a community grant to set these classes up! This is amazing. Imagine if Min had listened to those thoughts telling her ‘she might not be good enough.’ Not only would Min have missed out on a transformational program, her entire community would have missed out on the classes and wisdom she is now going to share and teach. 


As much as our Yoga Alliance certified Online Yoga Teacher Program teaches you to become a Yoga Teacher, I believe that this program provides a much deeper, personal journey. If we look to our Graduates that you’ve already met, like Sue, Jo, Bridget and Preeti, they all became Teachers, but the real magic, they now understand themselves better. They have been able to uncover, recover and discover parts of themselves that had been forgotten or hidden away. To me, this is the real magic of a Yoga Teacher Training, it’s about reconnecting to the real you. Your true self that resides in your heart. 

Min had a similar experience, of re-discovering this connection to herself, and not the roles that she takes on within her life. 

“Growing up and into my adult life I have always been known in connection to somebody else – the bank manager’s daughter, Paul’s wife, my children’s mother… and now in the Yoga process I have found ME. I will teach Yoga as ME in my own identity. Yoga is a place for me just to be me and feel that all is right in the world.”

All too often we can get lost in the roles that we play in life. Important roles, of course, but creating a union with yourself and getting to know yourself is such a beautiful life experience. Because Yoga is a practice of presence, this reconnection and union is able to happen. Because Yoga encourages introspection and reflection, this is able to happen. 

When we asked Min about her favourite parts of the Online Program, there was a big list and we are grateful for Min for sharing this snapshot into her experience with us today…


If there is one thing I know Emma and I do well, it’s the online world. Starting an online business back in 2012 has meant we’ve had the time to understand exactly how to make an Online Program work. By work, I mean, to create a program that you simply can’t put down (like your favourite Netflix show). To create a program that has a community so strong that it feels even more connected than real life. This was our intention with our Online Program and it’s so wonderful when we read our Graduate’s feedback that confirms what we hoped for. Min told us…

“This Teacher Training has brought a very special bond between teacher(s) and students. It has formed bonds for us all and ones that will stay with us for all time. To watch all of the Trainees grow and learn in this space has been so uplifting and together we have managed great things. I can’t wait to see what special things we all do in the future.”

We couldn’t agree more with Min. It has been so special to connect with each Trainee and really get to know them. Every week, we do live training where we recap the week of lessons and dive deep into discussion points. For me, this was an absolute highlight. 

Each Trainee comes into the Online Program with a different intention or idea of what they might like to experience. Some already know they want to teach. Some are joining for personal development. Some simply love the practice of Yoga and wish to learn more. For Min, in the beginning she didn’t think she wanted to teach! But that all changed for Min after her first full length class she taught. I knew too that Min absolutely HAD to teach! The fact that Min’s hope was to bring Yoga to a community who previously didn’t have access to any classes is so special. 

“I hope to bring yoga to my local community and can only hope that the ladies (and possibly gentlemen) enjoy finding the peace and mindfulness that Yoga can bring if they let it. I want to give back to our local community and hopefully bring some exercise, peace, and grace into the lives of anyone wishing to participate in my classes.”

As Min mentioned in her video above, she received a community grant to purchase Yoga props. Now these community classes have been made possible, all because Min said YES to that inkling of wanting to dive deeper into the practice of Yoga! Min’s big step is now going to help an entire community create a practice that will welcome in peace and presence. 

You see, it doesn’t matter why you say yes to a Yoga Teacher Training (or whatever else you’ve been dreaming of doing), it only matters that you allow yourself to take the first step toward your dream, your goal, your bliss. This is, after all, such a magical part of life! To learn and experience new things! To shift your perspective, to get to know yourself even more. 

As Min so beautifully mentioned to us….

“As the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland tells Alice “Every adventure requires a first step”. This is our first step and it will lead to many more. Although we will all walk our own path into the future, we will always remember and honour our first step.”

A big thank you to Min for sharing these beautiful words with us. We are so beyond proud of you. To go on this journey with you has been our greatest honour and privilege and we cannot wait to keep up to date with your community classes! One word so perfectly describes you and what you’re doing: AHHHMAZING!

If Yoga Teacher Training is something you’ve been thinking about doing, then head over here to sign up to our waitlist to learn more. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out, both Emma and I would love to chat and hear from you!

Always merrymaking,

Carla (and Emma)

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