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On every single list of ‘how to detox’ or ‘how to feel and look your best’ or… pretty much every other health related google search… you will find: drink more water everyday.

We all know we should drink water. We know how good it is for us. But sometimes this daily habit becomes a chore or gets forgotten. Yes. Speaking from experience.

We decided to take on a ‘2 litre a day challenge’. We monitored our 2 litre daily water intake over the last 2 weeks.

It’s important to remember that you may need more or less than 2 litres of water everyday depending on age, activity, gender, weight etc.

We thought we had this one in the bag, we’re usually pretty good with our water! But we noticed on days when we were out and about or if we were on our computers for long stints… we weren’t getting our 2 litres. Boo!

2 things we’ve changed that have helped us get 2 litres of water in EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

ONE: we ALWAYS carry drink bottles with us. And it’s a drink bottle we love. It’s a #fact that a good drink bottle will make you drink more.

TWO: we started using our Sodastream everyday.

You know we’re fans of sparkling water (it saved us from our soft drink addiction). We added a new daily reminder to our calendar to fizz up our Sodastream bottles at 10am. Simple. But genius, really! Because as we always say: if it’s not scheduled… it doesn’t get done.

It’s a super fun way to drink water and here’s the extra bonus. We’d end up drinking MORE water as every time our bubbles finished we were sad, so we filled up another bottle straight after we finished the first. We found ourselves drinking at least 2.5 litres of water on these days. Boom!

Our Sodastream also rocks our merry socks because: less plastic bottles.

When we first discovered sparkling water we’d smash through 20-30 bottles every week. Yes, our recycle bin was overflowing with plastic. Now? None! Less plastic = good!  

Now let’s talk motivation. Why water?

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Our bodies are made of 60-80% of water

So… duh, if you don’t drink enough you’ll feel mediocre. We’re not about mediocre. We want you to feel amazing! The best ever! Like you can take on the world! Water will make you feel like this.

Keeps skin looking younger

When you don’t drink enough water your skin becomes dehydrated, dry and even saggy. Not sure about you, but we don’t like the sound of that! Water improves tone, hydration and moisture of skin.

You can do a simple test to see if your skin is hydrated. Simply pinch it, if it springs back you’re good, if it takes a little while… you’re dehydrated. Did anybody just go to town with water? Just writing this makes us want to drink more H2O!

Flushes out waste

Adequate water flushes out all the nasties, waste and toxins from your body. Have you ever noticed when you don’t drink enough water your wee is more yellow? Then when you drink enough water your wee is a lighter, clearer colour? This is a reflection of your water to waste ratio. Drink more water as it will help you detox and flush out the waste through your wee. Yes, you’ll be running to the loo more… but look at this as extra steps in your day! It’s a win win!

Aids digestion

Water will help move your bowels and keep you regular. See ya later constipation!

You won’t overeat

When you drink enough water you’ll notice you won’t feel as hungry. This is because those snack attack times are mostly due to thirst and not hunger but we get mixed up and go straight for the yummy snackies! Every time you go for the 3pm snack, stop and ask yourself: am I hungry or just thirsty? Or when you do drink enough water you’ll probably notice you don’t get as hungry!

Increases energy

Without enough water you’ll be sleepy and lethargic. No thanks! Drink enough to ensure your cells are hydrated, positively impacting blood stream flow and oxygen levels. Epic.

Is that enough motivation for you to get your daily water into ya?

Grab your drink bottle. Fizz up your water and know that you’re giving your body exactly what it needs and wants!

Hydrated feels GOOD!

We’d love to know how you get more water into you. Share away, add your ideas in the comments below.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s. keep an eye out for some delicious infused sparkling water recipes with Sodastream. They’re coming to the blog soon! Perfect if you don’t like water or if you’re trying to stop that soft drink habit (been there… done that!).

P.p.s find all the Sodastream info here.



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