We never wore singlets because we hated our arms


Both of us used to be extremely self-conscious of our arms. At different stages of our lives, we remember feeling like we could not wear singlets or sleeveless dresses. Even when it was the middle of an Aussie summer with 35°C plus days.

Can you relate to this?

We feel sad about this. We feel sad that we were so self-conscious. Sad that we were filled with so much self-hate that ran deep to our cores. Sad that we felt like we had to cover our arms up… like they were offensive or something?!

It was the combination of Yoga, Pilates and mindset work that helped us move through this. And this is why we created MerryBody.

Our Yoga and Pilates classes will help you get stronger, more flexible and more toned. But the difference between other classes is the intention behind the movement.

For too long, we focused on our external bodies… what we hated about them, what we ‘needed’ to change in order to be beautiful and to be accepted.

This way of thinking is all-consuming, it sucked the life and fun out of us. It kept us thinking small.

Whatever led us – and maybe you – to this mindset (media, society, childhood, school, other humans, men, women… all of it) is in the past.

NOW we can choose to live and move with respect, acceptance and kindness.

We can choose to accept ourselves NOW. Coz if we don’t do it now we most probably never will.

We have gone from a space of self-hate for our bodies to feeling confident, relaxed and fully accepting of our bodies… just as they are.

This is what MerryBody can do for you. Every single one of our MerryBody workouts is fuelled by self-respect, self-acceptance, self-compassion and above all JOY.

This is why the MerrryBody mantra is…

Move your body, find your joy.

We’d love to invite you to experience the magic of MerryBody for free.

>>> Join us for our FREE Pilates + Yoga Fusion Arms Class.

Tone and strengthen your arms. Build upper body strength, promote better posture and create inner-confidence.

Strong feels empowering.

When you feel strong physically, this transfers to feeling stronger mentally and emotionally.

When you strengthen your muscles you’re able to move through life’s hardships with more ease, less stress, more grace, less angst, more love, less fear.

And a nice by-product of strengthening our arms is that you tone your arms.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s  Get your FREE MerryBody class here.

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