Free 8 Minute Yoga and Pilates Arms Fusion Class!

Tone and strengthen your arms. Build upper body strength, promote better posture and create inner-confidence.


Earlier this year we were moving house… and do you know what felt good?

To be able to lift those heavy boxes!

Even though we could have hired someone to help, we moved almost all of our boxes. It was actually fun, it felt really good to be able to pick up those boxes and move them.

It feels good to feel STRONG!

It feels empowering.

When you feel strong physically, this transfers to feeling stronger mentally and emotionally.

When you strengthen your muscles you’re able to move through life’s hardships with more ease, less stress, more grace, less angst, more love, less fear.

And a nice by-product of strengthening our arms is that you tone your arms.

Whatever your reason is to want toned and strong arms, this free Yoga and Pilates Fusion Class is the perfect opportunity to dedicate time and energy to YOU.


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  • Low impact movements with modifications to suit all levels of fitness.
  • No equipment required.
  • Tone and strengthen your arms. Build upper body strength, promote better posture and create inner-confidence!

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Here’s how the MerryBody classes have already transformed lives…

I know for sure that incorporating the MerryBody workouts into my life have helped me in so many ways, both with my physical body (most notably my flexibility and core strength) but more importantly, my mental and emotional wellbeing has benefited greatly. Veronika, MerryBody Member
Working with Carla & Emma as their Doctor, has been such a delight. The results they’ve created are inspiring. I get to see the data.Dr Rachel Wyndham
I lost 5 lbs just from doing the workouts twice a week and making a few Merry recipes each week. Nicole, MerryBody Member
Being able to workout at home whenever I have time means it actually gets done and not put off. I think the thing that keeps bringing me back to the mat is the infectious enthusiasm and honesty that Emma and Carla bring to each class, making it feel like a shared experience and giving awareness that I’m not alone when I find something difficult or get sweaty and exhausted.Kelly, MerryBody Member

We’re Emma and Carla, your Yoga, Pilates and Meditation teachers (also real life sisters). 

Yoga and Pilates completely transformed our lives, this is why we created MerryBody.

We spent years and years trying all the diets and spending hours in the gym. But the real toxicity came from our intentions and mindsets behind these actions.

We dieted to lose weight because we never thought we were good enough. We worked our butts off in the gym, because we didn’t accept what we saw in the mirror.

But no matter how much weight we lost, then gained, then lost, then gained… we were never happy. 

Through our journey with Yoga, Pilates and Meditation we realised the only thing that truly mattered was how we felt about ourselves right NOW. And not when we lost XX kgs or fitted into that dress.

MerryBody will strengthen, lengthen and tone your body BUT the real magic? It’s movement driven by self-acceptance, self-respect and joy.

When you join MerryBody you will be inspired to accept yourself and show your body the respect it’s always deserved.

We can’t wait to share this free class with you!


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