Healthy Christmas pudding recipe | Gluten free, refined sugar free


Yep we did it! We made a healthy Christmas pudding recipe and it’s about to rock your world. Wait when we say ‘we did it’ we actually mean Merrymaker Mum did. Mum made the Christmas pudding. Yep we do have the best Mum in the whole world (not even being bias or over exaggerating!).

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Anyway back to the pudding!

We never knew the magic of Christmas pudding, especially because it’s healthy Christmas pudding! #Winning.

When you think about it with all the dried fruit you really don’t need to add sugar! Ahh!

Also… our recommendation is to make this coconut caramel sauce (maybe a double batch).

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Make it then drizzle it all over your pudding and go to healthy Christmas pudding bliss land. But seriously, it’s a real place when you have this pud in your life.

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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