How Do You Stay Healthy When You Fly!?

how to stay healthy when you travel

The fact of the matter is that when you fly (in a plane)… especially those long haul flights you’re pretty much breathing the same air as hundreds of people and you sit on your butt for way way way way too long.

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Ok maybe not the Canberra to Sydney leg (that’s a VERY quick trip) but let’s pretend we’re going Sydney to LA. 

We all wanna stay healthy when we fly because we’re most probably going on an epic amazing holiday or maybe a super important business trip?!

We must stay healthy! But how do you stay healthy when you fly? Oh yes, what a great question. 

Well… we’ve had our fair share of long haul flights and we’ve got the tricks and tips covered to help! Read on… or actually, watch our video below!

In no order what so ever… drum roll puh-lease!

Drink up! We’re talking H2O!

Bring your drink bottle and fill it up a couple times while you’re in the air. The air is super dry and a bit stale so this means dehydration can easily happen! This leads to headaches, irritability, icky dry mouth and that awful white tongue.

Don’t go without water because you’re thinking about how annoying it’s going to be to have to get up and down to pee a million times. It is WORTH IT!

Pack your lunch.

We’re not sure if paleo is a possible dietary requirement on airlines… yet, BUT last year when we flew Sydney to LA we packed all our food and it was amazing! Everyone around us was super jel jel. We packed fruit, veggie sticks, raw chocolate and paleo bread with avocado. It definitely kept us going! Checkout what we packed here.   healthy food to pack on a plane

Get off your butt! 

Yes, move it move it! We get up ALL. THE. TIME. Especially on long flights… and we definitely don’t care if there is someone sitting in the aisle seat coz they should get up too! Stretch, walk… or simply move around on your chair. Yes… chair yoga is do-able on an economy flight. We’ve tried! Note to merrymakers: make chair yoga YouTube vid! 

Say NO to the alcoholic beverage.

We know it might be tempting but alcohol only dehydrates you more PLUS it does funky things to your immune system so you’ll be more likely to pick up a sniffle on your trip. And let’s be honest there is probably someone coughing, spluttering and sneezing behind you… or in front of you… or next to you (eeeeek!).

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Give your immunity a boost.

We’re talking pre-flight. Like a month before flying. Add extra probiotics to your diet. Take the vitamin D and C and B supplements. Eat super healthy… all the green veggies please! You definitely want to be feeling 100% when you fly and land.

Buy the lounge pass.

If you’ve got a long wait ahead of you just pay a little extra and get in that lounge. It’s A LOT more comfortable plus the buffet is sure to entertain you for a while. It ALWAYS entertains us.

merrymaker sisters-plane foodBring GOOD ear plugs.

We will never forget. 2 Merrymakers in row 33. 2 not-so-happy babies in row 34. NO sleep for literally over 24 hours (thanks to our 9 hour wait in Singapore on route to London) is NOT FUN.  We were complete zombies walking around London that day! Bring the best ear plugs possible… just in case row 33 scenario happens to you.

Wear comfy clothes!

We seriously dress for comfort when flying. Think leggings, loose t-shirts, trackies (actually we wear this most days haha)! We do this because a. when sitting for a long time, nothing is worse than tight pants digging in b. we tend to get a little bloated when flying… so this means tight clothes will only get tighter! Ouch.


Due to the low humidity it’s super important to keep your skin and lips moisturised. Also it will entertain you for a little while. On one of our flights we even did face masks… that was kinda funny.

Bring a book, watch good movies, do work (maybe?).

Boredom is bad for your happiness levels and your health/happiness are definitely connected so it really is important you enjoy your flight. Read, colour in, watch all the movies and maybe bring some work along.

We don’t tend to work too well on flights… but we have the BEST brain storms! We always ensure we have our notebook and pen. And we’re always in for movie marathons! Who isn’t?!


We honestly think it’s better to just sleep when you feel like sleeping and not to worry about the time change. We’ve tried to stay awake in attempt to adjust to our destination’s time zone and it did not work (remember those screaming babies!).

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We’d love you to add your tips on show to stay healthy when you fly! Get amongst the convo and add your comment below! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 


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