How Long Before I See Results From Pilates


Can we say that you’ll experience instant results from Pilates? Really this is the truth! You do a Pilates class and you will feel amazing. You’ll feel 2 inches taller. You’ll feel empowered and confident. You’ll feel joy. You’ll feel like you’ve taken time to care for your mind and body. 

Because this is what movement does. It’s an instant mood booster! And with the combination of strength and stretch work within a Pilates class, your body will feel absolutely amazing. 

Since when did exercise become only about the results from an external perspective? Oh yeah, probably since forever and this is why we personally developed terrible relationships with exercise. 

Can you relate?

Weight loss was always our goal when it came to our exercise routine. We just wanted to get smaller. To get skinny. We had no focus on health at all!

And wow, it’s easy to let social media and the world in general, let you believe that this should be your goal. It’s also easy to start working out harder and faster, thinking this is the best way to get your ‘results’.

The good thing is, we can shift how we think about exercise and results. 

The truth is, in the long run, exercising too intensely can do way more harm than good. Especially if you are not doing it correctly in the first place.

In our eyes, slow and steady is always the right approach for working out.

Moreover, just because your workout is slower-paced does no make it easier and they certainly can and will give you results.

If you want to read more about how we went from obsessed with losing weight to a more self-accepting mindset, read this article. 


There is this famous quote from Joseph Pilates (creator of the Pilates method) that answers the question of, How Long Before I See Results From Pilates?

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body”.

We dislike this quote on so many levels.

Actually, there are quite a few of his quotes we dislike, and many we do like. But anyway… that’s not the point. 

Really it’s a marketing ploy, we’re sure you’ve seen many Pilates Studios share it? 

To have a brand ‘new body’ after even 100 sessions is a big call. And maybe it’s not that you need a ‘new body’ maybe you just need to give some extra time and care for your body.

This quote says, your body needs to change. In our perspective, your body is amazing NOW. 

We’re not about quick fixes here at MerryBody. Well yes, when it comes to boosting your mood and feeling amazing, one session will do this! 

But not when it comes to everlasting changes. And certainly not changes oriented around ‘getting skinny’.

These are the kind of results we like to focus on when practicing Pilates.

What Are The Results From Pilates?


Improve Your Endurance

During your Pilates classes, be prepared to hold some challenging poses for extended periods of time. Be prepared to repeat them over and over. In the beginning, this might feel pretty hard, but don’t worry you can always take a rest. You can always go slower. You can always take the less challenging option. 

It’s about starting where you’re at. Then progressing from that point. And remember, not all progress goes in a straight line. 

When you hold that pose longer than you think you can. When you finish the last few moves, this is where your endurance improves. 

Improve Your Posture

In this day and age posture issues are becoming more and more common! With more sitting, driving and desk work happening… bad posture creeps in. 

Pilates uses the deep core muscles of the abdominals, back, and pelvic floor to perform complicated and challenging exercises. This allows your neck and head to move freely, your shoulders to relax, and it relieves stress on the legs, hips, and feet. 

And trust us, even a slight improvement in your posture will not go unnoticed, and yes, you might look like you’re standing better but more importantly, you’ll feel better. 

On top of correcting your posture, Pilates can also improve your balance and improve functional mobility.

Create Muscle Strength 

Pilates will strengthen your muscles in a very natural and sustainable way. Many of the movements focus on building core strength and this is amazing for your overall fitness and spinal health. 

The movements also work the deeper stabiliser muscles. This is important as we age as it helps us to stay balanced and stable. Therefore less injuries. 

Really, these are just touching on the amazing results you’ll experience with Pilates. 

But how often should you practise Pilates? 

The most important thing is to be realistic with yourself and to set a goal that will set you up for success. If you are time poor, ‘do Pilates 6 times a week’ is not a great goal. You will more than likely fail or another area in your life will be impacted and you’ll definitely be stressed.  

Instead, look at your weekly schedule. What time do you have available? Maybe a better goal for you is 3-5 classes per week? Maybe it’s 1-3?

And instead of going to a Studio where it takes extra time to travel and park, choose an Online Mat Pilates class that you can do in the comfort of your own home. 

Really, a Pilates mat exercise routine is one of the most accessible and doable workouts, which means you’ll find it so much easier to create a consistent practice you can stick to.  

In the mood to try a quick mat-based class right now? 

During this class, Emma, the MerryBody Pilates Instructor will take you through a 12 minute Mat class designed to strengthen your arms.


If you do the class, let us know how you go! And if you love it, sign up for our FREE 5 Day Challenge over HERE. You can experience some of our favourite Pilates and Yoga classes that are just 10 minutes long!


Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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