How Many Guys Do Yoga? Is Yoga For Men?


An interesting question when in fact, Yoga was invented by men and traditionally ONLY for men. That’s right, women were not allowed to do Yoga (why are we not shocked…)

If it wasn’t for Indra Devi, Yoga may have never even made it to the western world! Devi, born Eugenia Vassilievna in 1899, wasn’t the first to teach Yoga in the United States, but she was most definitely the first successful one. She was in fact the first woman to study under the Yoga guru Krishnamacharya. Read more about the history of Yoga here.

So how many guys do Yoga? And is Yoga for men? 

OF COURSE they can. In fact Yoga is gaining huge popularity with men and women as it provides so many health benefits both physically and mentally.

A Yoga practice is exercise that can be done alone, or complimentary to other styles of movement such as Pilates, weights or crossfit. The 2016 Yoga in America Study by Yoga Journal and the Yoga Alliance, stated that 28 percent of Yoga practitioners in the USA are men, and worldwide there are 300 million people who practice Yoga.

Who can blame the increase of the male yogi, when practicing Yoga simply makes you feel so good?! 

There are countless benefits of Yoga but we’d have to say the positive impact on mental health and calmness the breathing exercises and Yoga postures create are one of the top reasons why people begin Yoga in the first place.

It’s not just to increase flexibility (and no, flexibility is not a prerequisite to do Yoga!),  it really is a mindful practice that allows you to slow down from the regular go go go pace of life itself.

It is true that when you go to a Yoga studio, the majority of practitioners in the Yoga classes are female, same goes for your Yoga instructor or Yoga teachers. However, that is not to say it is a women’s only movement practice.

Although the majority of our Online Members inside MerryBody identify as female, many husbands, partners, boyfriends, brothers and kids quite often get involved in the work out! More men practicing Yoga is absolutely encouraged. 


We LOVE when it’s a family affair and the entire household is getting their down dog on. The thing is, there are too many benefits of Yoga to NOT bring it into your life.

The positive mental health aspects alone are reason enough to include Yoga as a daily, or weekly activity. Add on the physical benefits you feel from the Yoga poses and it really is a complete mind body practice.

Why not try out this class right now and see if it’s for you, the classes don’t have to be long, in fact we have classes (400+) that range in length, from 10 to 30 minutes. This makes it very easy and accessible for all kinds of lifestyles.

This class is specifically to stretch your hips, something many people need due to living a sedentary life…


Once you’ve done the class, why not continue on by signing up for our Free Day Yoga and Pilates Program. We will send you a new class each day to try from the comfort of wherever you are and you can begin a regular Yoga practice today.


Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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