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We love having guest bloggers on our site, we get to meet new people + learn new things. Today’s guest blogger isn’t actually a blogger but one of our best friends, Em.

She has a great story to tell about some pretty common feelings we’re sure we’ve all felt at one time or another. Feelings of negativity, not achieving enough + uncertainty. We are so proud of our lovely friend for sharing her story + super impressed by her change in attitude to life in general.  We hope you enjoy reading about her journey to positivity as much as we did.

Always merrymaking

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ps. don’t you worry… of course there’s a recipe… paleo mexican burrito bowls… they are amazingly delish +  inspired by Em’s story.

Recently, I managed to lose some weight. I haven’t cut out grains + I haven’t cut out dairy (although this all helps!). It doesn’t involve a new exercise plan, in fact, I don’t even break a sweat doing it. It doesn’t require me to analyse confusing food labels in the middle of the aisle at the supermarket + I haven’t deprived myself of seconds, or something decadent for dessert when I want it. However, I’m feeling lighter than I’ve felt all year.

So want to know my secret? My weight loss is the result of practising positive thinking, + finding happiness in the acceptance of my life just the way it is. You see, I recently took a month off from life. I had found myself in such a rut, constantly revelling in my own misery, always questioning my perceived lack of achievements, + surrounding myself with people + situations that probably weren’t that great for me, because hey let’s be honest, it takes a lot less work to complain about things in your life than take action to change it.  

I think for many of us, life’s default position is to be slightly cynical, somewhat negative, + surround ourselves in this state of doubt, that way we can’t get hurt because we’re not open enough to it. We can’t fail because we’re not trying in the first place + people can’t let us down because we don’t set any expectations for them anyway.

My month off life involved going on a month-long trip overseas. I realise a holiday is not a practical solution for everyone, nor is it the answer to life’s bigger, + ongoing, problems. But it wasn’t about escaping to some faraway place (in this case, sunny Mexico) it was about removing myself from ‘life’ to gain some much-needed perspective and a serious wake-up call.

I hadn’t realised just how much my negative thinking, unrealistic expectations + personal disappointment that I hadn’t yet achieved things I thought I would have by now, had been weighing me down. Take that, + throw in work pressures, a dysfunctional relationship, a transition into what I call the ‘scary ages’ (mid-twenties + above) + an unachievable to-do list, you have all that is required for a partial mental breakdown.  

So now, while it’s a work in progress (it really is, only today a good friend reminded me I need to stop being so negative…) + unfortunately there’s no easy ‘off’ switch for that default position, I encourage others out there who read this + can relate, to practise positive thinking. Live in the moment + appreciate what you do have rather than criticise yourself for what you don’t. I’m learning to be grateful, to treat myself + others with more respect, cut myself a break every now + again + remember that it’s ok to be happy with you, just the way you are.

Thanks again to Em for sharing the start of her story, we will keep you updated on her journey to positivity… on another note, you can click here for a delish paleo mexican burrito bowl recipe + we also went on a bike + brekky adventure with Em, you can read about that here.

Have you made a self-discovery this year? We’d love to hear it, comment below!

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