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Over 250 of you AMAZING people have already entered our epic $4500 giveaway! Yay for that!

There’s only 1 day left to enter! So if you want in on this… then all you gotta do is show your support and get a copy of our book!

When you buy your copy you get INSTANT entry in to our giveaway! Then all you need to do is comment on THIS blog post! No, not this blog post you’re reading but the blog post linked HERE.

Make It Merry: A Healthy Cookbook (our FIRST EVER hard copy book… oh it’s available in eBook too for just $14.95!).

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Read all about the book here:


Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s thank you to everyone who has already purchased our book… seriously… amazing! Remember to enter the giveaway!


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  1. you only have one body, and you are the one that chooses what you put into it! Your results are a reflection of what you DO.

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  3. Have just bought the hard copy and digital version. A great choice, I can look and cook at all the yummy recipes while waiting for the hard copy to arrive. Just love the easy breakfast recipes, in fact all the recipes just suit our Aussie lifestyle to a Tee!!!! I’m very Merry the I bought this great cookbook. Thanks girls for all your hard work!!

    Sorry don’t have twitter or Facebook to enter the comp!

  4. Just ordered my hardcopy, thanks for the free shipping x Hoping my luck extends to the giveaway 🙂 Loving this way of life – thanks for the recipes girls !!

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  6. Hi Guys, A friend of mine is currently doing the 14 day challenge which means adventuring into 14 days of foodie bliss. She lent me your cookbook & as I am also onthe

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