Why We Should Live In The NOW & How To Train Your Brain So You Can Too.

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Being present and living in the now seems to be the new trend. Trend-shmend! It’s no trend… ‘to live in the now’ is a movement and we want to explain a little more and how simple it is to switch your thinking, so you too, can live in the now. The results? A happier you! And we think that’s more than enough results to get you to turn a few switches. Right? Right!

We are Time Bandits. Yes. We’ve taken it on as our mission (one of them anyway) to spread the word about stealing time back.

When we first started meditation we were just dabbling in the whole ‘live in the now’ thing. Living in the now is purely and simply: being present. Meditation is all about that too! So if you’re already meditating… claps for you!

It wasn’t until we were gifted with ‘now’ watches that we started to take it a little more seriously. Yes… they are watches that don’t tell the time, they just say ‘now’. Because… the time is now! When we look at them, it’s the best kind of reminder that right now, this moment, this minute, this second… is really all that we have… and all that we will ever have.

how to live in the now

What’s even better is when someone asks us the time! We show them the watch and say ever so seriously “The Time Is Now.” Brilliant really! In return we often receive confused looks, followed by smiles and usually something along the lines of “Fair enough… but really, what’s the time?”

Why waste precious time feeling guilty, sad, depressed about the past? There is nothing we can do to change it. And why feel anxious, stressed out, scared about the future? We can’t control the future, it hasn’t happened yet! Focus on what you have right now… and right now, you have everything you need. Aha! Right?

Wait… it gets better. When the future DOES come… well, it will be the ‘now’ after all. Makes sense, yes? 

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The time is now! Ok! You got it? Here’s some simple switches and techniques we use to remind ourselves to be present, to live in the now.


Take 5 minutes every day to meditate. Meditation isn’t tricky. Do this: close your eyes and focus on your breath. Boom, you’re meditating. Once you have that down pat and you’re feeling the good things that come from meditation, we bet you’ll start looking in to other forms of meditation too. We use OmHarmonics, it’s a great program if you need something to listen to when you meditate.

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Get a reminder, like our watch

Have something to remind you to come back to the present. Our watch is so good at reminding us (and others!). But you could write it on your mirror, change your computer/phone screen saver, we even knew someone who tied a piece of string around their finger (then got it tattooed!). True story!

Notice the signs, just notice the world

When you see something unusual or beautiful, stop and really notice it. This will bring you back to the present. We often go for walks and comment on the nature that surrounds us. Like the trees.. seriously, trees are so amazing… and the sky! The sky is especially magical just before sun down.

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Disconnect, switch it off

Set aside time where you’re not distracted by media or technology. This is hard (especially for us online biz people), but make this a priority. During this time, do things that you love, have FUN, catch up with REAL people! We love to hike… and write messages in the dirt for others to find hehe!



Ah! Real people! That brings us to our next tip. Listen! The world has music for those who listen. But don’t just listen to the world around you, listen to the people around you. What is it that they’re saying?

Make a mantra or affirmation

Mantras are fun! Something simple like: ‘the time is now’ or how about ‘I am here and it is now’ or ‘all we have is now and right now I have everything I need’ when you say this to yourself, focus on your breath. You’ll feel a shift of relaxation. One of our favourite mantras is ‘Make Life Sparkle!’

make life sparkle

Make it your mission

Make a promise to yourself to live in the now. When you make a pledge like this you’ll be able to come back fast! What do we mean by that? Well, we all fall back. We all start thinking about our yesterdays and our tomorrows. Let’s not beat ourselves up about this! Let’s just focus on how fast we come back to living in the now and celebrate this new way of thinking and living!

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So, what time is it? Tell us in the comments!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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