Tips to Create a Meditation Space.

We’ve started meditating this year and seriously far out we’ve noticed some amazing changes to our lives! Best of all, it’s helped us to live in the present, you can read more about this here.

We love meditation so much that we wanted to create a meditation space in our home (also our lounge room was fairly empty and unused since getting rid of the TV!).

We wanted to create a space to remind us why we love meditating and to entice us to stick to our daily meditations. Just like when you look at a beautiful bed and you kinda want to have a nap, we wanted to create a meditation space that when we walked by we’d want to meditate! Genius really!

Now our space is complete, we thought you might like some tips on creating your very own special meditation space. The most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t need to be an entire room! It could be a corner or even just a special chair.

Don’t mediate? You can join our 3 day intro to meditation course RIGHT HERE. It’s free, yay!

Tips to Create a Meditation Space

  • Paint the walls in a calming colour. It’s amazing what the effects of wall colour has on a space! After a few trips to the paint store and many colour swatches later (merrymaker mum painted them… thank you!) our walls are now a beautiful pale blue/grey colour. This colour creates a calming feel to the room.
  • Lighting. This is important. We prefer natural, soft lighting and use shutter blinds. This creates dappled lighting and allows the sun to stream in to the room, creating positive energy. If it’s dark outside we use a corner Himalayan pink salt lamp.
  • Since we made our whole lounge room into our meditation room we needed some form of furniture! We went with a cute couch and two stunning Chillout Chairs. These definitely steal the show for our meditation room! They’re known as the seat for the soul. They are perfect for meditation practise but also just beautiful to sit on, read or drink tea and eat paleo sweet treats! 
  • An abundance of cushions is a great idea, especially when friends come over for impromptu meditation practise! We have collected many cushions throughout our lives and now they all live in a special corner in our meditation space. 
  • Add something that reminds you of love, inspiration or both! This could be an inspirational quote, a beautiful art piece or something more personal. We have a special ‘follow your bliss’ frame that hangs on our wall.
  • Add a touch of nature! Think succulents, or even just a fresh flower arrangement.
  • Crystals are always a good idea (if you’re into them… we are!). We have a plate of our favourites… clear and rose quartz, amethyst and citrine. Every crystal provides different energy and healing effects, plus they’re really pretty.
  • Burn some delicious oils. We use InEssence, and our favourite at the moment is juniper berry but we also LOVE lavender.

It’s really simple to create a beautiful, relaxing and meaningful space. Take your time and enjoy the process!

Here’s a picture of our merrymaker meditation space. Do you like? We do! Do you have any other tips. Oh and feel free to share your pics of your meditation space! We’d love to hear form you, use #themerrymakersisters on social media and we will share our favourites! 

meditation space

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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  1. You girls read my mind!! After I read Emma’s birthday post and noticed that you girls like to meditate I wondered if you would be writing more about it. That chair looks divine and I have a cushion addiction too! I’d love to read a post about how you meditate. Sometimes I find it tricky to switch off my mind and meditate properly. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Xx

  2. Post

    Hehe how awesome Dan! We will be writing more about meditation stay tuned! Don’t worry we still have the same issues some days when we meditate! We just welcome the thoughts, say thanks and let them go. We also believe that you can never get meditation wrong… it’s all about the journey! xoxoxo

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