Luke and Scott talk Clean Living, Soft Meat and Naked Rock Climbing.

Clean Living Cookbook: Delicious Paleo Food to Help You Change Your Life

We sat down with Luke and Scott to chat all things Clean Living, soft meat and naked rock climbing.

That got your attention! The naked rock climbing didn’t really happen, at least we think it didn’t happen, Luke has a wicked sense of sarcastic humour that we failed to pick up on until well into the conversation… but this definitely made for an interesting chat!

You may know Luke and Scott originally from My Kitchen Rules as the surfy PT’s from Bondi. They’re still surfy, still PTs and still in Bondi but nowadays you’ll see them cooking up a storm on breakfast TV, Tweeting and Facebooking their where-abouts and creating beautiful recipe books full of delicious paleo recipes. Not to mention they’ll be hitting our TV screens soon too (we may have to pull out the ole TV box just to watch!).

Back to the books. Clean Living the Cookbook just hit the shelves and it’s full of over 100 paleo recipes that seriously look finger lickin’ good (we will mention that a couple of the recipes have a few ingredients we don’t eat regularly like quinoa and corn BUT we’re big enough and ugly enough to swap these ingredients for something else!). If you’re a lover of pretty cookbooks (we are) this one is definitely for your collection.

Luke and Scott cook, create, move and eat (seems they’re kind of boy versions of us, more sarcastic though and they said we’re more crazy), with their fave food being any kind of slow cooked meat (we got a dinner invite, of course we accepted after hearing this!).

Luke says “I just love any slow cooked meat” and Scotty pipes in “yes, he’s not so good with cutlery!”

Apparently he’s ok with the fork and spoon but not so good with the knife. As you can imagine, we were in hysterics at this stage (over half of our voice recording is us laughing!).

The boys have a great outlook and believe that overall wellbeing has to start in the mind.

Scotty says “it’s not just about getting your diet and exercise right, you need to have your head in the right place and put out positive energy.”

Luke says “the simple act of being thankful and showing gratitude… every day thinking of five things you’re grateful for and taking time to appreciate what’s going on around you.”

Scotty then went on to say “taking the time to stop and smell the roses is so important and if you see someone with pretty eyes, just tell them they have pretty eyes!”

Awww isn’t that the sweetest?! We think he was talking about us (hehe just kidding, but not really).

Taking inspiration from kitchen greats like Jamie Oliver and Pete Evans the book just screams yum! Broken down into five sections: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sweet treats and Salads, sides and smoothies, the boys have put together a huge selection of flavoursome dishes. We love that each lunch/dinner meal has a side to go with it, matched perfectly. Fennel Salt Swordfish with Beetroot Puree had our mouths watering instantly.

“We want to encourage everyone to eat real food and what we mean by real is the food that comes from  nature and not from a packet.” We met the boys at Thr1ve and they see this as the perfect paleo-to-go option.

The book definitely ticks all of the boxes: easy to follow, huge range of recipes, pretty to look at, nice to feel (yes, we mean the paper is nice). Not to mention some of the recipes are a little bit fancy that are sure to impress any dinner guest! The sweet treat section of course had us drooling, especially the coconut and lime tart and raw carrot cake! These are next on our list of recipes to try!

We love the book and we love the boys! We couldn’t agree more with their philosophy about eating, moving and putting happiness #1 on your list.

We tried out the paleo stuffed mushroom recipe (with a few merrymaker tweaks), you can check it out here (and see the pic below… yum, right?!).

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Click to get your copy:  Clean Living Cookbook: Delicious Paleo Food to Help You Change Your Life

To read more about Luke and Scott click here.

paleo stuffed mushrooms

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