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Thousands of women around the world love MerryBody.

MerryBody has given me an outlet to get healthy and strong in the comfort of my home. I press play on a class 3-6 times each and every week. I love all the classes, but the range of Yin Yoga classes offered has improved my mental health the most, they’ve really helped reduce my stress levels. I love how happy and down-to-earth the classes are.

Before I started with MerryBody, my health was slowly going downhill, perimenopause, no time to go to the gym. ​​Now, my health has improved, I find it easy to exercise at home, with the 10 min classes I find fewer excuses. My back does not ache any more, my balance is great and I feel much stronger.

It’s not just Pilates and Yoga, it’s Emma and Carla, and the whole MerryBody experience that makes it amazing!

Starting MB over 2 years ago has been life-changing. I have regained my lost muscle tone, got fitter and lost some weight to feel physically comfortable once more in my body. More than that, I have learnt how to be present, connect with my breath and work through the stress in my body rather than numbing out and avoiding things. It's unlike any other online exercise community (I've tried a few!) it's a nourishing practice that focuses on your whole wellbeing and Carla and Emma are filled with such light, kindness and generosity of spirit. Merrybody is more than just physical exercise, it's a way of life, it's moving your body with love and acceptance instead of punishment and hate. I guarantee to anyone, you won’t regret trying it out!

The real difference with MerryBody is the positivity. I always feel good mentally and physically after I have finished classes.

Before I started I was not moving my body in any way. I was lethargic and lacked motivation. MerryBody is my inspiration - I am now dedicated to daily physical practice as well as daily mantras, and meditation. I feel strong, centred and feel that I have found a philosophy/practice that aligns perfectly with not only my beliefs and values but who I want to be and how I want to live my life.

MerryBody has improved my mental well-being, calmed my anxiety and busy mind. My strength and flexibility have increased tremendously. Plus the ‘Joy’ in each class is fantastic. No matter your fitness level, MerryBody is a community where you are made to feel accepted for being yourself

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