Exciting News: MerryBody App’s Latest Updates Are Here


MerryBody first burst onto the scene in 2018, starting off with 4 week programs. It didn’t stop there! We quickly grew into a membership and then we dove head first into the world of apps. Since the MerryBody App’s first conception, we’ve been constantly evolving behind the scenes. Working closely with our development team to bring you the best.

Our mission? To create an app that’s for YOU. We’re dedicated to making your experience amazing!

We kicked off the year with a bang by adding all the delicious Merrymaker recipes to the MerryBody App. But, oops! In the process, our Chromecast feature took a bit of a tumble. Boohoo! We had no idea how much you loved that feature!

However, the exciting news is Chromecast is back… better than ever!

MerryBody App Updates!

Get ready for an elevated user experience!

Upgraded Server for Speed and Reliability

We understand how crucial a smooth, uninterrupted session is for your workouts. That’s why we’ve upgraded our server! The result? Faster app performance, better loading times and significantly less buffering. Get ready for an uninterrupted flow of fitness fun!

Seamless Streaming on Apple IOS and Android

Big news for our big-screen-loving Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts! Chromecast functionality is now fully operational on both iOS and Android devices. Stream your favourite classes effortlessly onto your Smart TV. It’s time to enjoy a larger, more immersive MerryBody experience right from your living room.

Thanks to our amazing long-time MerryBody Member, Tiina, for this pic of Chromecast in action!


550+ Classes and Meditations

The MerryBody App library continues to grow! Each and every week we add a brand new movement class. Every month we add a new meditation. This steady flow of fresh content ensures that your journey with MerryBody is always dynamic, enriching and inspiring!

What’s Next for the MerryBody App?

Our commitment to enhancing your at home Yoga, Pilates and Meditation experience doesn’t stop here. We’re already brainstorming more updates and features to make the MerryBody App even better!

The journey of your personal fitness and wellness is ever-evolving and so is the MerryBody App. As we continue to grow and improve, we want you to be part of this exciting adventure. Whether you’re already a member or looking to join, there’s never been a better time to be part of the MerryBody magic.

MerryBody is joyful fitness. It makes exercise enjoyable and effective. It’s time to experience these amazing new features! Update your app today and start exploring the improved world of MerryBody.  

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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