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In the midst of all our busy-ness (which isn’t really a bad thing… because we actually really really love being busy!) we kind of forgot that we turned 1! No, we DID forget we turned 1! We’re like those horrible parents on the movies who forget their kid’s birthdays… whoopsie doopsie!

Yep, that’s right, the merrymaker sisters has been running for over a year now! Yay! And to celebrate we’re giving you all a special little present! Our brand new eBook: Let’s Eat Paleo (which has over 50 quick, easy and delish paleo recipes), is now on sale for $9.95 instead of $14.95 (but only for our special merrymaker friends until Sunday 9 March!). If you want to get your hands on a copy, click here, press the ‘buy it now’ button, and enter the code:


It’s that easy! Now for some fun merrymakers turn 1 facts, over the past year:

  • we changed our name 3 times
  • we shared over 164 health and wellbeing blog posts
  • we created and shared over 130 original quick, easy and delish healthy recipes
  • we received and responded to over 1500 comments on our blog
  • we tweeted 3096 times
  • we posted 1736 photos on Instagram
  • we received 613 197 page views and over 110 000 unique visitors to
  • we introduced meditation into our lives
  • we shared over 1068 posts on Facebook
  • we became addicted to nuts (note: we have overcome this addiction… yay!)
  • we have been ‘googled’ and clicked on over 47 000 times
  • we have taken over 10 000 photos of food (it takes a lot of shots to get it just right!)
  • we perfected the paleo pancake
  • we wrote and published our very first eBook!
  • we started our Health Coach Certificate courses
  • we have been visited from all over world, places like: Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, France… the list goes on!

In just 1 year we’ve learnt a whole lot about health, wellbeing, food, lifestyle and blogging and although we may have done it all backwards we’re still here! The most exciting thing for us is that we’ve discovered what we want to be when we grow up: MERRYMAKERS! We found our passion and why we’re here.

And last but definitely not least… we want to send a huge thank you to YOU! Our wonderful, amazing readers who visit our blog, leave comments, like our photos, tweet us and tell their friends about us… to you we are forever grateful and we only hope you continue on this huge, big, exciting merrymaker adventure with us.

Happy Birthday to us! Yay!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s the eBook sale runs until this Sunday 9 March, so tell your friends all about MerrymakersTurn1

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