Are you Missing out on Community and Connection?


In today’s individualist society, we’re spending less time in community groups and less time socialising in person. When you think about it, this is because not so long ago, we’d rely on the neighbours for that extra egg because the shops were shut. We’d go to the community event because we didn’t own a TV. We’d be more likely to have a chat with the person in the waiting room because we didn’t have phones that held the information of the world (and the black hole of distraction). 

Why is community and connection important? 

You also may have heard of the Blue Zones, these studies prove the importance of connection and socialising for health and longevity. In these Blue Zone regions, such as Okinawa, Japan, and Sardinia, Italy, strong community values, close family bonds and frequent social gatherings are common. This social framework strengthens emotional well-being and contributes to physical health and therefore longer life (these geographical areas contain larger numbers of people who are aged 100+!) 

As our society becomes more technologically driven and individualistic, the Blue Zones remind us of the importance of community and social engagement for overall well-being.

We’re not complaining about modern technology, for all the negatives there’s a long list of positives, however, it’s super important to be aware of how you use technology. There is a big difference between scrolling aimlessly on Instagram compared to connecting with friends or online learning. 

We’re also not saying to go out and force yourself to catch up with people you might not want to be around.  There’s a significant difference between spending time with people who leave you feeling flat and depleted compared to those who make you feel supported and valued.

This is why we believe online community is beneficial.

Being an active member of an online community helps you create a healthier digital environment and you get all the benefits from community and connection.

For this very reason, we have a community group along with our MerryBody App. It’s an opportunity for our members to connect and share their Yoga and Pilates experiences. It’s a safe place where members can seek support and motivation. It’s a place where you can feel part of something bigger, this is because being part of a community creates a sense of belonging and acceptance.  

So if you don’t have time to connect with a community group in person, we recommend that you go on the lookout for an online community. You might think it’s not the same as an in-person… but we beg to differ! Plus, if you don’t have that in-person community or the time to meet up, then online community is far better than no community! 

The perfect example of this is with our Yoga Teacher Training.   

Last year in 2023, when we launched our inaugural MBTT cohort, our ambition was to replicate the connection of in-person training to an online setting. We had the hope and intention for this but of course, we could not know for sure if it was possible. 

But now as we head into our second cohort in 2024, we know for sure that you’ll experience a profound connection and support from the entire community group. We know it’s possible because last year the community and connection were some of the most loved features of the training.  

Yes, you’ll gain your certification as a Yoga Teacher, but this online course offers so much more than just learning to teach Yoga. It’s about collective growth, shared experiences and building a community that supports and uplifts one another. In our Yoga Teacher Training Program, you’ll find another family.

This connection is pure magic, we believe that transformation is more profound and more joyful when it’s shared. And this is what our MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training is all about, it’s about learning and growing together, in a joy-filled way.

We run the MerryBody 200 hour Yoga Teacher Course once a year and the next course begins on 17 March 2024. If you join us, you’ll not only embark on this adventure with us by your side, but you’ll also have fellow Trainees from across the globe who share your passion and curiosity.

Deciding to sign up for a course is a huge and exciting step. But the return on investment is potentially life-changing. It’s not just about picking up new skills and knowledge, it’s also about opening doors to fresh opportunities, levelling up your career, or even pivoting to a completely new field.

Plus, there’s the amazing feeling of personal growth and achievement alongside a supportive community.

If you have any questions about the training, get in touch! We are here to help.

Always merrymaking,

Emma and Carla

Ps. hear about Kirsty’s Teacher Training journey over here.



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