The natural sweetener you need to try for 2018 | Why we’re LOVING erythritol


This blog post is brought to you by our amazing blog partner Naturally Sweet. We’re so excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to share how we’re using their amazing products with you!

By now you all know that we LOVE LOVE LOVE us some healthy sweet treats, so we’re always on the look out for the next best natural sweetener on the block!

We’ve done the research and the taste tests and we’ve decided that (if you haven’t already) it’s time to whack erythritol on your shopping list.

You would have noticed that like pretty much EVERY sweet treat we’ve been making lately uses Naturally Sweet Erythritol (like our melting moments, brownies, upside down apricot cake and gingerbread house!) so it’s about time we tell you WHY we’re choosing it over everything else. 

We love a good Q+A and we know you do too, so here’s the stuff you need to know.

What is erythritol?

Our friends at Naturally Sweet explain that erythritol is a sugar alcohol, made from the fermented natural sugar found in corn. Naturally Sweet Erythritol is 100% natural and non-GMO.

What does erythritol taste like?

It has a clean, sweet taste with no after-taste (some other natural sweeteners do have a weird bitter, chemically after-taste) and is about 70% as sweet as sugar.

What is the Glycemic Index of erythritol?

ZERO. Yep, erythritol has a zero GI level and doesn’t raise your glucose or insulin levels which makes it super awesome for diabetics.

How much erythritol should I use in my recipes?

Well, if you’re using our recipes, we tell you how much to use! But if you’re substituting sugar and you want the same sweetness levels, you’ll need about 1 and a half times more. If you’ve been refined sugar-free for a while though, you’ll find that you hardly need any. We’re talking 2 tbs.-1/4 cup per recipe. 

What are other benefits of erythritol?

Erythritol is non-laxative (yay for that) because some sweeteners make you poop! It’s also easy to digest and is tooth-friendly! Yay! If you count calories (we don’t) you’ll be glad to know that erythritol has virtually zero calories (stevia and xylitol do)! Crazy, or what?

How much does erythritol cost?

It’s one of the more affordable natural sweeteners, you can grab a 500 g bag for $11.50 and that will last a lonnnnnng time when following our recipes!

Ok! So if you’ve been on the fence about trying out erythritol it’s time to try it! We just published a choc coconut crunch cereal that is gonna blow your taste buds! Tastes kinda like coco pops… but it’s actually healthy which is freaking EPIC! YAY!


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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Cute as feature image from Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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