New stuff coming for you!

Hey Team Merry! You’ve landed on this page because you were after one of our products that are no longer available coz we’re creating space for AMAZING new stuff. Can we get a woohoo? WOOHOO!

In the meantime if you really really want a taste of our recipes you can go and check out our Get Merry Recipe App as well as our Get Merry Cookbook and box sets

If you’re after more mindset and inspiration, then check out our Get Merry Podcast! You’ll love it.

What’s the new stuff that’s coming you ask? Well… we can’t tell you exactly what it will look like (even we don’t know that yet!) but we CAN tell you that we are focussing on apps because we KNOW that you want convenience. We can tell you that we will be bringing in YOGA and PILATES (OMG YAY!). We can tell you that we WILL be focussing on the MIND and how to create a Merry one. 

Far out… THIS. IS. EXCITING. Creating space to invite new, amazing stuff into Merrymaker Land. 

Of course, you’ll be first to know about it!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s sending you MERRY vibes you amazing, unicorn human you!