Paleo Bread Roll Recipe.

These paleo bread rolls are so yum and super easy to make! They go perfect with winter soups and curries, make the best burger buns and perfect hot out of the oven with a dollup of butter! ALSO… If you love this recipe you should definitely checkout out our Paleo Bread recipe eBook! On sale now!

These paleo bread rolls are made of chia seeds. Yes, those tiny little black specs known as chia seeds are packed full of goodness. Each one is made up of over 30% Omega 3 (eight times more than salmon). Our bodies can’t make Omega 3 so we must get it all form the food we eat (or supplements). Studies have also shown our little chia friends assist with weight loss, stabilizing our blood sugar levels, depression and lots more! The recommended daily intake is about ten grams and the best bit is they are so easy to add to your every day diet. They don’t have much flavour so you can sprinkle them on just about everything (smoothies, salads, yoghurt, oats, granola etc etc).

There are oh so many more benefits of all these seeds…this means more reasons to add them to your diet! We have been experimenting with them quite a bit and are so excited to share our paleo chia bread roll recipe! Yes…paleo…bread roll (never thought those words would be in the same sentence!)

Well it can be done and it is actually delicious!

We made these just the other night for family dinner. Perfect with our paleo ‘potato’ and leek soup. Our Dad (aka the bread-a-holic) even approved (we are slowly but surely converting him).

Always merrymaking,

e + c

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paleo bread roll.
Serves 8
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
40 min
Total Time
1 hr
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
40 min
Total Time
1 hr
  1. 1 cup arrowroot flour (also called tapioca flour)
  2. 1/3 cup of chia flour or ground chia
  3. 1/2 cup of olive oil
  4. 1/2 cup of warm water
  5. 1 egg whisked
  6. 1/2 cup of sesame seeds
  7. salt + pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius.
  2. Combine the arrowroot flour and chia flour in a bowl.
  3. Gradually add the water and oil, stirring, until a sticky paste forms.
  4. Add the whisked egg and continue to stir.
  5. Now for the flavour! Add your sesame seeds and freshly cracked salt and pepper.
  6. With wet hands, roll handfuls of mixture.
  7. On a lined baking tray place each roll around five centimetres away from each other.
  8. Sprinkle each roll with some extra sesame seeds and a little more salt.
  9. Place into the oven and bake for 40 minutes or until golden brown and your sesame seeds are toasted on top.
  10. Best served immediately with a dollop of ghee or butter!
  11. Enjoy!
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  1. Looks good! Would there be any way to make this without the egg? (I know I’m a pain, sorry)

  2. yum! Can these be frozen once cooked so a batch can be made but not consumed straight away? Or do you think the mixture uncooked could be frozen or refrigerated to preserve it till cooked?

  3. Hey Tim! Yes – SO amazing! Hmmm no egg huh?! Ok, well we are yet to try this out but we have heard if you mix some chia seeds with a little water (they expand and make a sort of goo) that this acts as a good egg replacement…worth a shot?! e & c

  4. Hi Paula, we are yet to freeze some (as we gobbled them all up in one sitting…oops!) They definitely are best served warm, so perhaps you could give freezing them a go and then thaw out and warm again in the oven on high heat? You could definitely make the mixture and refrigerate it until you need to use it but it really is a super quick recipe, we whipped up the mixture in around 10 minutes! Hope this helps! e & c

  5. Hi there! Thank you both for your blog.

    I just made (and ate) the “bread” rolls, and they were delicious! Crunchy and chewy, just like real bread rolls. However – and perhaps not surprisingly – they did not rise at all in the oven. Would you care to suggest a modified version of this recipe with baking powder and/or soda added so that the rolls come out bigger? Thanks.

  6. Hi Daniel! We are so glad you enjoyed the rolls! We were actually thinking we could add some baking powder/soda to make them rise and we will be trialling it out this weekend. We will let you know how they go. Thanks for following! e & c

  7. I tried these out using the substitutions (tapioca flour and nut meal) and the “dough” came out super thin. Added a bit more tapioca flour to thicken it up. The end result was a fairly flat and hard roll (though still delicious). Is this just a drawback of using substitutions? Also, I threw in some spices (sage, oregano, rosemary) and the flavor was great! Will definitely be making these again.

  8. You sure can Kristina. We added them for taste and look. We tried rosemary the other night, so why not give that a go? Let us know how they turn out. e & c

  9. Hi Kim, we are going to be experimenting a bit more with the nut meals and coconut flour. Those herbs sound delish, we tried rosemary the other night and loved it. Have a lovely day, e & c

  10. Just tried these- they were pretty good! I think next time i will cook them with a little less time! I have frozen the rest so see how the freezing & unfreezing goes!!!

  11. Just made these and they are delish! I substituted chia bran for flour as I couldn’t find it. Next time I’m adding herbs & making double!

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  14. These were absolutely amazing! Made burgers out of them and felt like I was cheating and eating junk food. Instead I was eating a healthy, nutritious, extremely filling food filled with super seeds!

  15. Hi Jen, So glad to hear you loved the bread roll recipe! We love it too! We don’t miss out on anything do we! It’s just better! :):) Thanks for your comment!

  16. I don’t know what I did wrong but they turned out awful… The inside wouldn’t cook at all (and I ended up lefting them for more than an hour in the oven…) and the taste was disgusting… Maybe I don’t like chia seeds? I thought they were pretty tasteless though, big disappointment 🙁

  17. Hi Fruitylily, oh nooo. This is terrible to hear! How big did you make them, if they were too big the inside wouldn’t have cooked very well. We will be trialling them out very soon again, to make sure the recipe is ok! Thanks for letting us know. 🙂

  18. Hi, Just a little note: Arrowroot and tapioca are not the same thing at all. They have different cooking properties and rather different nutritional values as well.

  19. Post

    Hi Lu! We find that when we use either/either that this recipe works just fine 🙂 Thanks for your comment! e + c

  20. These rolls are fantastic girls! I added a little garlic powder for some added kick. I enjoyed these for the following 3-4 days too – they microwave/reheat beautifully, having a nice soft texture for those people who like their bread a bit more doughy. Your recipes are inspirational, I am truly hooked on your website and feel so much better adopting many principles of paleo diet into my daily cooking regime. Even my husband is bragging he has lost 5 kgs and I’ve only made a few small changes for him! Thank you so much !

  21. Post

    WOW Nicole! Reading this has made our day!Thank you so much for letting us know! Super excited about your paleo journey and please keep us updated on all the progress! xxx e + c

  22. Have just made my first batch and they are in the oven…. Is the mixture really runny or have I done something wrong? Or should I wait till they come out of the oven

  23. Post
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  25. Hi ladies! These look amazing, definitely going to try… Quick question (as opposed to a slow one…) does it matter what type of olive oil you use? ie Extra Virgin/Mild etc? I’ve had a few disasters with olive oil in my baking so want to get it right! Thanks! Love your site, your recipes & just everything really 🙂

  26. Post

    Hi Katie! It’s really your preference we like to use light olive oil (not extra virgin) in baking as it doesn’t have as strong a flavour. You can also try coconut oil or macadamias oil if you prefer. Thanks so much for your feedback so lovely to hear this. Thank you for following along with us! xx

  27. Yep. Do it all the time..let it defrost naturally and pop in a toaster or flat grill for toasting..lovely. .i plan on using mine for burgers

  28. Post
  29. Post

    Not sure Tracey! Maybe your oven is hotter and they overcooked? Maybe too small? The recipe won’t result in a typical bread roll 🙂 But still yum and perfect replacement if you can not eat grains and gluten.

  30. These are the best. Having to double the mixture now because my kids eat them so fast. Thank you for your awesome recipes.

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