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Paleo Choc Caramel Raw Cake Recipe.

This Paleo Choc Caramel Raw Cake is seriously delicious. If you like this one, you might also like our Paleo Raw Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake or our Salted Choc Caramel Tart!

So you’re here! You found us! And what do you think? Between you and us, we are completely over the moon with the new-look blog (especially our cute new logo!) We are:

the merrymaker sisters


Our new address is simple and easy to remember:

QUICK! GO! Change your bookmarks right away.

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You may be thinking why the change? After all…what’s in a name? Well to us, everything! And our old name didn’t cut it…

Don’t get us wrong, we love living the paleo lifestyle (…95% of the time) and most of our recipes will be paleo friendly.  But sometimes, just sometimes we want to put some natural yoghurt on those pancakes, or mix some cottage cheese into that guacamole (and we really don’t want to get caught by the PALEO POLICE!) And as we always say: do what works for you and do what makes you happy.

Since our health and wellbeing journey started we have learnt lots and received plenty of feedback on what our readers want. And it’s simple, all you really want is:

a positive place to make being healthy and happy that little bit easier and a hell of a lot more fun!

That’s just what we plan on giving you. So here we are, a new-look, a new name and a fresh start!

Oh and of course, every week there will be brand new healthy paleo recipes (you didn’t think we would forget today did you?!) Here is our paleo choc-caramel no bake cake – sure to please!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

paleo choc-caramel raw cake.
Serves 12
Prep Time
2 hr 30 min
Total Time
2 hr 30 min
Prep Time
2 hr 30 min
Total Time
2 hr 30 min
stuff you need
for the base
  1. 2/3 cup almond meal
  2. 1 ¼ cup of shredded coconut
  3. 1 ½ tbs coconut oil melted
  4. 1 ½ tbs raw honey
  5. 1 ½ tbs natvia
  6. 1/2 cup of almond butter
for the filling
  1. 1 cup unsalted raw cashews (soaked in water for at least an hour)
  2. 1/4 cup coconut milk
  3. 1/2 cup of coconut oil melted
  4. 1/2 cup of raw honey
  5. 1 tsp vanilla extract
  6. 4 tbs raw cacao powder
for the caramel topping
  1. 150g dates, pitted + soaked in boiling water for at least 10 minutes
  2. 1/3 cup of coconut milk
  3. 1 tbs natvia
  4. 1 tsp vanilla extract
  5. 1 tbs water
now what
  1. Start with the base.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined (have a taste…um yum!)
  3. Press the base into a lined 22cm cake tin.
  4. Leave that for now, we are moving onto the filling.
  5. In a food processor, whiz the cashews until they are completely crumbled.
  6. Add the coconut milk, coconut oil, honey and vanilla, whiz again until smooth.
  7. Finally, add the raw cacao powder and whiz again until combined (have another taste…even more delish!)
  8. Pour the filling on top of the base and smooth out evenly.
  9. Place into the freezer for one hour.
  10. Mean while, let’s get onto the caramel.
  11. Drain the water from the soaked dates.
  12. In the food processor, whiz them until they form a paste like mixture.
  13. Add the coconut milk, natvia and vanilla, whiz again until really smooth.
  14. Add the water and whiz one last time.
  15. Place the caramel into the fridge.
  16. Once the hour is up, spread the caramel mix over the top of the cake and back into the freezer for a further half to full hour.
  17. Cut into slices and nom nom nom!
  18. If you don’t finish the whole cake in the first sitting, keep in the fridge!
merrymaker tip
  1. You can turn this into any cake. Minus the cacao powder and feel free to add berries or chopped nuts!
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Merrymaker bundle

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  1. Completed all my steps to enter the giveaway… I plan to continue training in CrossFit and Jiu Jitsu to stay healthy. As well as maintaining a healthy Paleo diet (which is a lot easier with the recipes you guys post). Who knows thanks to this diet I may compete at a CrossFit event this year 🙂


    I have a peanut, nut, and coconut allergy but my husband and I both committed to 30 days of “strict” paleo. We completed our 30 days yesterday. Now, I’m trying to find a happy medium because while our 30 days were good, I love the experience of food and with my food allergies, paleo is extremely difficult. So, my plan to be fit and healthy is to find that perfect little place in my diet where I’m enjoying natural wholesome food and still enjoying the experience of food and the occasional “cheat” ^_^

  3. Lovely Give-away!! I would love to win! ?

    I follow you on facebook and also just submitted my email address to subscribe to your blog!

    Future health plan: to stick to my grain free, sugar free diet, already into it for 16 months! Yeehaw!

    Today a neighbor is coming by and I am going to teach her how to make raw vegan chocolates with caramel filling, my favorite! I just love making raw goodies with friends! I also teach Raw/Paleo classes here localling in NW Oregon.

    Thanks Luvs!!

  4. YAY!! I’ve completed step one and two! Loving the new website girls 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  5. Done & done!

    So excited by your new launch! Absolutely love your posts!

    After finishing whole30 in Jan I have completely changed my relationship with food. Hubby is completely on board and my plan is to transition our 2 boys (2yr old & 10mth old) to be grain free – they are already bread addicts!

    Keep up the great work – your blog has become my go to when I’m stuck on what to whip up & it never disappoints.

  6. done and done!! I plan on being fit and healthy made by being active everyday, and making new and delicious foods!!!!
    the new site is amazing girls!! love it 🙂 <3

  7. Hi lovelies,

    I adore your new look blog! Congrats on the relaunch.

    Step 1 and 2 done 🙂 You couldn’t have timed this giveaway and relaunch at a better time for me! 🙂 I just did a post on my blog last night about how I’ve given myself a 6 week health and fitness challenge which includes going 80% paleo, which started 2 days ago! I’ve changed my diet big time and will be doing 5-6 weekly sessions of Bikram yoga, Body Attack classes and Tabata ab workouts as well. I can’t wait to try more of your recipes; made the meatza the other night which was absolutely delish!

    I even linked back to your old blog last night when I did my post saying you guys are my inspiration (Promise I’m not saying this to win the giveaway haha, you know I mean this because I have actually emailed you to say this before). I’ve now changed the link to here on my blog post.

    Anyway, keep up the great work and keep the recipes and the Instagram pics coming! Looking forward to meeting you both at the next blogger catch up!

  8. Liked and subscribed, woohoo. Love the new layout.

    My plan is to continue my paleo lifestyle, run more, do more yoga, SUP on Lake Burley Griffin as much as possible and love doing it.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Subscribed, liked and shared. 🙂

    You girls are so inspiring. I have been checking out your old blog eveytime its my turn to cook. My hubby and kids love all your food and have really helped us start our journey through cutting out all the bad foods that use to slow us down ( and hype the children) . So thank you, and congratulations on the new blog. Its awesome!

  10. And I forgot to add. My plan is to encourage my husband to jump on the exercise bandwagon like me, continue to explore new foods that my kids like that is good for them. Your zucchini and bacon balls are a massive fave in our house. My kids beg for them in their lunch boxes!

  11. Bam! You guys are doing such a fabulous job, changing people’s lives each day, I hope you are proud! My new aim is to discover healthy new flavours and food to provide variety and exciting colours to dishes. There are so many spices and food from other cultures that I don’t know how to cook with, so I’m looking forward to learning and eating clean. Bon xx

  12. Done & Done.
    Great work ladies, I love the look of this new blog. (and your new cute logo)
    My plan is to prepare more healthy lunches at home so I dont get lazy and buy lunches. Also try to attend more gym classes.
    YAY X X X X X

  13. Hi there! I completed the first two steps and the way I will stay fit+healthy made is by Crossfitting three times a week and trying to focus on better and healthier eating habits. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  14. Hey girls. Liked you on FB/had my company like you as well. It’s being silly and I can’t subscribe right now, but I will soon!


  15. Hi guys!!
    First two steps already complete So Hoorah! Hope I win 🙂
    How I plan to be “fit+healthy made”? Continuing to do what I already do,m with tips and inspiration from you lovely ladies!! Since finding your blog a couple of weeks ago ive already made a few of the recipes (zucchini and bacon bites, oh my god, already a weekly staple) and have been having fun with others! I eat almost 100% paleo, and I try to do a full paleo diet when I can, always looking for the organic and free range, nitrate free options etc. i work this with Cross-fit and Resistance-training gym workouts with one active-rest day a week. Since starting this type of diet exercise I have lost a lot of body fat, put on a lot of muscle and my fitness has shot through the roof!
    Am loving the ways I can experiment and have a lot of fun with the diet and exercise now I am used to it, thanks for all the recipes and ideas you put up, they really help keep things interesting!! I’ve been so inspired by it all I am working on a complete career change and am re-training as a fitness professional to work as PT with nutrition qualifications so I can work to support people with chronic conditions that fitness and nutrition have a big impact on (Diabetes, ailments from old-age, obesity, mental health etc).
    Thanks for all your work

  16. Wow……absolutely love your new logo and look of your blog!! You 2 don’t stop…..such enthusiasm is so refreshing and inspiring.
    My aim is to do a bit of paleo shopping (stock the pantry with healthy alternatives) eat 3 healthy meals a day and start my daily Pilates. Wish me luck!!
    Jools xx

  17. Completed all steps 🙂
    I plan to stay fit and healthy by continuing my 6 week challenge into a lifestyle change.
    Exercising 3-4 times and week and making sure I plan ahead so I don’t slip up with the naughty foods.
    Thanks for sharing all your recipes I love trying them all out. xo

  18. Hey ladies, following you on FB, Insta and just subscribed to your email updates. Giddy up!
    My plans to be fit + healthy made are constantly evolving however currently involve getting stuck into CrossFit (literally just began this week and am super struggling to walk, sit, sneeze – any movement really – at the moment!), completing a Whole30 prior to going away on holiday in April, investigating the principles of permaculture and attempting to sustain a successful vegetable garden (quite a challenge due to living in a rental apartment with limited garden space access). Phew that’s enough for the time being I think!
    P.s. Lurve the above recipe, cant wait to give it a spin!
    – sportnee

  19. Hi!!

    I have liked and subsribed to you! First task complete 🙂
    My plan to be fit and healthy made is to firstly complete my Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness by June this year and begin work as a Personal Trainer. In doing this I am completing a 12 week challenge (through a gym) beginning in two weeks where I wish to incorporate the Paleo lifestyle. This lifestyle/diet has intrigued for a while now and I have finally decided to pursue trying it and seeing how it fits with me. With your assistance from tips and the recipes you create I will be well on my way to beginning to be able to do this. After I become a Certified PT in June I plan on continuing my study in the health and fitness industry. There is so much to learn and I can’t wait to expand and use the knowledge I gain!

  20. Steps 1 and 2 complete! I’m such a snacker, so I always need to have on hand yummy nutritious food that I can throw in my bag when I’m on the go! That way I don’t let myself get hungry and I’m not tempted to buy junk! Keep up the great work girls! Love the recipes! x x

  21. Step one and two done! 🙂
    Super impressed with the new site! And a cake recipe the week before my birthday! How did you know?!!! 😉
    I have been doing crossfit for about 18 months and found that my recovery was quite poor and I was struggling. I have been doing paleo on and off for a year now and have found that my recovery is better but I have fallen off the wagon a few times! I really like your approach (I am missing the dairy most!) so I’m excited to try some new recipes!
    Thanks girls! Good to see you both doing so well too! Xxxx

  22. Done and Done!

    Thanks my pretties! Your recipes, stories and advice are all so inspiring. I am really looking forward to sampling some of the paleo foods you’ve trialled and recommended, and I think with my dairy & yeast allergy, I will benefit 10 fold! I’ve recently amped up my fitness regime (OH EM GEE! I’m 40 in 5 weeks) and with an already low yeast/ no dairy diet, I think the paleo diet will benefit me no end!
    Keep up the good work! C xox

  23. I LOVE the new-look to your blog! Well done girls, you are so inspiring with your healthy lifestyles and attitude toward life! Amazing! Love Skye xxxx

  24. Completed all ze steps! Plan on staying fit+healthy made by taking fish oils and doing squats. Everyday. Oh and by following this excellent blog (smoooooooth) 😉

  25. Following on FB, subscribed to your blog and love your Insty photos! I plan I staying fit and healthy by continuing following Paleo, boot camps 3 times a week and making lots of yummy new food with your fantastic recipes! Thank you so much ladies!!

  26. Completed steps one and two – here’s hoping I win this yummy paleo pack.

    To show you just how much I want it, I have made my answer to the $200 question a haiku poem:

    Paleo pancakes
    Equals deliciousness and
    Living healhier.

    PLEASE pick me e & c!

  27. Congratulations e & c!!!!
    The new blog looks awesome!!!
    I love the Logo! its adorable!

    Steps one and two are done!

    2013 is going to be an exciting year!
    I believe that everyone needs to set themselves goals (big and small), push yourself to see results and become a healthier, happier YOU!


  28. Hi Girls!!,

    All steps completed : ) I plan on regularly shopping at the local produce markets in Perth as well as starting back up with yoga through Lululemon.
    Oh and of course following your fab blog!!

    All the best!

  29. Oh and the plan is…

    My partner and i are both paleo, we dream to someday own our own gym and inside a paleo cafe, and hopefully attached some sort of food van for healthy options on fast food 🙂 he’s a personal trainer, and also has a degree in business management, i also have a bussiness degree and currently manage a cafe so dreams are dreams 🙂 To keep fit and healthy, we cook together every night, and after dinner we workout and also volunteer with the S.E.S he also plays football 🙂 love our paleo lifestyles!

  30. Done all the steps, and this year I’m planning ahead for my week of food, buying locally at the market – from fruit and vegetables, to fresh and lean cuts of meat, to organic coconut flour and all sorts of other superfoods I’m still figuring out. I’m eating things that are good fuel for my body, and then I’m burning that fuel to be fit, strong and healthy!

  31. All done! Woo can’t wait to make this beauty, I’m so excited! My fit + healthy made regimen is all about a fun, adventurous paleo diet (90% of the time!) and cross-fit / team sports that I finish feeling fabulous about! Turning my body into a fat burning machine and never counting calories is the most magical thing 🙂 seriously, what is the rest of the world doing!? love all you like minded peeps!

  32. Hi everyone! WOW! We are just so overwhelmed with all of our entries so far (on our first day of launch!) – we feel inspired by you all and hope that we can help you stick to these fantastic fit + healthy goals.
    The competition closes 19 February and in between then we will be posting some more delicious healthy recipes! Always merrymaking, e & c

  33. All done! The way I’m going to be fit and healthy is will power! I love all these sweet treat recipes, it’s so nice to have something for dessert other than natural yoghurt and fruit :

  34. Hi! Liked;-) subscribed;-) and my plan is to keep living this life. A Paleo life has changed my life, healed my ai disease (am completely medication free) and has made me fall in love with cooking, creating and sharing all the amazing creations made from the most simple, tasty, yet powerful ingredients. I’m so glad to have found you girls and it was because you liked my sons photo of my raw double choc berry cake on instagram. And now I’m making your no bake choc caramel cake. This is spook what its all about-sharing recipes and letting people know that real food rocks (on so many levels). Good luck with it girls -may your dreams come true <3

  35. All completed!! I’m pregnant and I’m enjoying staying paleo through this pregnancy and bringing up a paleo baby!!

    Fingers crossed I win, really want to try those pure wraps!! And everything else!!

  36. steps one and two done (i hope? my email seems to be giving me grief today!)
    i have only recently kick started my healthy lifestyle and eating, only to find out that i am four weeks pregnant! i am super excited and extremely determined to be as healthy as i can, for both me and my children (i also have a 13 month old sweetie girl), but i am worried that it may be difficult for me to maintain my new diet once “womb service” kicks in 😉
    i think this prize would really help me keep my sanity, maintain healthy eating and give the best to my body and its newest occupant.

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  38. Hi Danny! Thanks for following. Your fit + healthy plan sounds perfect, keep us updated on your plans for the CrossFit event! e & c

  39. Hi Cassie! We have not forgotten about you…we have been experimenting with sunflower milk…yet to perfect it though! Hopefully we will have a recipe to you soon. Good on you for sticking it out for 30 days and your fit + healthy plan sounds just great! e & c

  40. Hi Andrea! We love giveaways too! 16 months is a massive effort! Once you start it is completely addictive. How did the raw vegan choccies go? e & c

  41. Hi Erin! Thanks for following! We are so glad to hear that you love the posts. Keep us updated with how the transition goes with your kids! e & c

  42. Hi Penny! Thank you for all of your support so far. We know that your are so committed to your fit + healthy plan and we are glad to be on board! Keep us updated with everything! e & c

  43. Hi Rachi! Thanks so much for your support so far. Your fit + healthy plan sounds awesome (as you know, we too love bikram yoga!) Look forward to meeting you too! e & c

  44. Hi Matt, thanks for following and glad that you love the new layout! Your fit + healthy plan sounds perfect! We love lake burley griffin…the pretty sights make the exercise that little more enjoyable! e & c

  45. Hi Kara, thanks for following! We are so glad that our blog can provide you with some inspiration in your kitchen! Funnily enough – those zucchini and bacon bites are staples in our lunch boxes too! It is so great that your kids love them! Keep us updated on other items they like, sometimes kids are hard to please! e & c

  46. Hi Bon Bon, thanks for following! We are really excited to be able to inspire and help people find ways to be fit + healthy. Spices are the best thing to give anything a WOW factor! Keep us posted on the spices you love and catch up soon! e & c

  47. Hi Heather, thanks so much for following and glad you like the logo! Prepping lunches is a perfect way to be fit + healthy…not to mention save some $$$! We will have some easy prep ideas coming your way soon! e & c

  48. Hi Jessica, thanks for following! Well CrossFit is a fantastic way to be fit + healthy! Keep us updated with how you like it! e & c

  49. Hi Andrew, thanks for following! Your fit + healthy plan sounds AWESOME, you are definitely on the right track! It is amazing what changing your diet can do to your body, inside and out! Bet you are feeling better than ever! Fantastic that you have found a new passion in your life and there is nothing better than being able to turn that passion into your day job! All the best with it and please keep us updated…sounds like you have great things ahead of you! e & c

  50. Hi Jools! Glad you found us and like the new page! Your fit + healthy plan sounds perfect! Maybe we can help with a shopping list? That’s something on our to-do list for our readers! Keep us updated with your progress. e & c

  51. Hi Melissa, thanks for following! Giving yourself a challenge is a great place to start! Let us know how you feel once it’s complete! e & c

  52. Hi Sportnee, thanks for following (on everything!) CrossFit is intense – and you definitely feel it for the next few days/week! Keep us posted on your Whole30 – we would love to hear how you go! Our Dad has a vegetable garden that we consistently raid – he is teaching us the tricks of the trade too! Soon we will be seasoned veggie gardeners (we can exchange tips!) Glad you like the look of the recipe, it didn’t last long on the plate that’s for sure! e & c

  53. Hi Sarah, thanks for following! Your fit + healthy plan sounds awesome! It’s great that you can incorporate it into your day job! Keep us updated on your progress! e & c

  54. Hi Neetara, thanks for following! Snacks are sometimes hard -so good on you for always having healthy ones near by! e & c

  55. Hi Kathleen, thanks for following! Glad that we made it just in time for your birthday! Phew! Glad that we can help with some new recipes! There will be plenty more coming your way! e & c

  56. Hi Cath, thanks for following! Sounds like you will definitely benefit from trying some of our recipes! All the best for the big day! Keep us posted on your progress! e & c

  57. Hi Skye! Thanks for following! We are glad that you found us and that we can help you find some alternative ways to eat healthy! e & c

  58. Hi Caleb, thanks for following! Fish oils AND squats? Perfect fit + healthy plan! Glad that you found us – plenty more recipes coming your way! :Q_ _ _ e & c

  59. Hi Claire, thanks for following! Your fit + healthy plan sounds great and we are glad that we can be a part of it! Keep us posted! e & c

  60. Hi Emily, thanks for following! Glad that you love the new blog (us too!) 2013 is a big year for you! Lot’s of goals and milestones…keep us posted on it all! e & c

  61. Hi Hayley, thanks for following! Local markets are the best, sounds like a perfect fit + healthy plan! We love lululemon (best workout clothes of all time!) Keep us posted on everything happening in Perth! e & c

  62. Hi Zoe, thanks for following! Your dream sounds amazing, and every thing starts with a dream! Keep us updated on it all, it sounds like you have some exciting things ahead of you! That food van sounds especially awesome! e & c

  63. Hi Stephanie, thanks for following! Buying local is the best place to start and your fit + healthy plan sounds perfect! Keep us updated! e & c

  64. Hi Aimee, thanks for following! 90% paleo sounds good to us – a fantastic fit + healthy plan! We agree with you completely regarding calorie counting (SO HORRIBLE!) Let’s get this world on the right track huh?! Keep us updated on your progress! e & c

  65. Hi Emily, thanks for following! Glad that we can help you find some alternatives to your usual sweets! We have plenty more coming your way! e & c

  66. Hi Kate, thanks for following (predictive text is a bugger!) Paleo has changed our lives too but that’s amazing that you are now medication free! It’s stories like this that make you realise how important it is what we eat each day! Thank gawd we liked that photo (it must have looked delicious…!) We completely agree with you, let’s share it with the whole wide world! Keep us updated on everything! e & c

  67. Hi Jenna, thanks for following! A paleo baby?! Fantastic! Keep us posted on how you go with it all! e & c

  68. Hi Kylie, thanks for following! How exciting for you! Keep us posted on your cravings! Maybe we can provide some alternatives?! e & c

  69. Love the blog ladies!! As someone who is new to clean eating (well I think I’ve always known the principles… Just been too lazy to put it into practice)…. You’ve made it all just so SIMPLE!! I have all the tools/ingredients, it’s just been hard to know how to pull it all together into something that isn’t a salad!!! So *thankyou*! I’ve completed steps 1, 2, & 3 (Instagram) and have embarked this yr on cross training and eating clean to erase last yrs misery of eating my way through 6mnths of cervical cancer trtment. 🙁 (but yay for 2013!!)

  70. LOVE THE NEW SITE!!! It looks amazing :)I love your blog!! It’s my favourite and I’m always referring to it for inspirational meal ideas and love reading your witty posts!
    Ok so I’m planning on being fit and healthy by:
    1) doing the whole30 (I’m on day 6 and feeling goooood!)
    2) joining a new gym that offers heaps of different classes as well as a pool and normal gym equipment (which I’m loving!)
    3) drinking lot’s of water!!!
    4) finding a healthy balance when I finish the whole30 🙂
    5) loving life <3

    The giveaway looks fantastically amazing!! Great work you 2!! x x x x x x

  71. Hi Sal, thanks so much following – and on instagram too! We are so glad that we can help you find your way through your clean eating journey. Your fit + healthy plan sounds perfect! You have an inspirational story that to tell – please keep us updated with your progress and we will be sending more recipes your way! e & c

  72. Hi Em! Thanks so much for following and we are so glad that we are your favourite go to blog! Your fit + healthy plan is fantastic, so many different goals to aim for which will definitely keep you on track! Please keep us updated on all of your progress, especially how you go with your first whole30! Nice work! e & c

  73. Done and has been done since inception 🙂

    I need something to change. I’ve been sick for 14 weeks and I’m over it. Been there done that with antibiotics, blood tests all clear – only conclusion I can come to is a change in lifestyle is needed. I have just bought a bike to start rehabilitating and now I need to clean up my diet to help assist my immune system. Thank you for bringing me the tools to do so! Here is to a new life in 2013!

  74. Hi Rebekah, thanks for following! That’s no good that you have been sick for 14 weeks, it is amazing what a change of diet can do! Glad that we can assist you to a fit + healthy 2013, keep us updated with your progress! e & c

  75. I love your new site girls, it looks awesome! You girls are amazing and so dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle!
    I can’t wait to try out your (vegan!) choc caramel no bake cake, it looks delicious 🙂
    Congratulations on your site and I am looking forward to seeing your next recipes!
    Lots of love, Emily xx

  76. Hi Emily! Thanks for the feedback and glad you like it! We just had a thought that we must start tagging our recipes that fall into the vegan category as well! We just whipped up a special valentines dessert that is vegan (you will love it!) e & c

  77. It is funny how the world works – I came by this site via twitter last week, and had a colleague ask for some gluten free recipes that morning, and copied the sweet potato pancakes for both of us. We spent that day swapping recipes and health info (her son is coeliac) and made promises to bring in things we’ve made to work next week. Then I read this entry, signed up and liked what I needed to… and now you’re asking about what will make me fit and healthy – definitely for me this year is about sharing info and resource and food and swimming sessions. Just what I did that morning when I found the site! That is the stuff that will keep me healthy and happy and laughing and sharing and not feeling guilty when I eat something I’d rather not, or skip the gym one day to gossip and giggle in the park with friends. Thanks for the recipes and blog! Much love

  78. Hi Ladies,

    Step one and two are complete.

    My plan for 2013 is to up the ante with my gym routine.
    Nutrition wise, I want to refine my diet, so it can be as paleo as possible – I have found that it’s really helping me with my T1 Diabetes 🙂

    Great work on the blog, FB and Instagram. Looking forward to trying out the choc-caramel cake recipe, looks delish.


  79. Hi Natalie, thanks following and we are so glad you found us! Sharing information is the easiest way to stay motivated and find new ways to actually enjoy eating healthy! So we love your fit + healthy plan! Keep us updated with your progress – e & c.

  80. Hi Annette, thanks for following! Your fit + healthy plan sounds great and how awesome that your change in diet is assisting your T1 diabetes. Keep it up! Let us know how you like the choc-caramel no bake cake…it’s absolutely delish! e & c

  81. Hey there
    Liked and subscribed 🙂 Ended up here after you guys liked one of my pics of dinner on Instagram. Already eating paleo, with the odd primal dabble. Enjoy crossfit, looking forward to the games soon! Also (attempt to) surf…
    Look forward to checking out some of your recipes, cheers girls.

  82. Steps 1, 2 & 3 complete! Making your Paleo Banana Bread today was such a highlight for me! It tasted great and makes me feel great too. Only new to eating paleo meals and meal prepping but I’m looking forward to 2013 being a year of healthy habits & attitude towards food and exercise. Loving the fact I also now have more in common with my dad as he loves his Crossfit and paleo diet, so thank you very much! You ladies are wonderful! xx

  83. Someone essentially help to make seriously posts I’d state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and so far? I surprised with the analysis you made to make this actual put up amazing. Fantastic job!

  84. Hi Pranil, thanks for following! We are big instagram lovers! Your fit + healthy plan sounds fantastic, you will have to keep us updated on the games! e & c

  85. Hi Renee, thanks for following! We are so glad that you enjoyed making our paleo banana bread – it’s a real treat! Even better toasted with some coconut oil drizzled on top! Yummo! Your fit + healthy plan sounds great and how lovely that you are your dad can enjoy getting fit together! Keep us posted! e & c

  86. Hi girls!

    Step one and two done! So very proud of you both 🙂
    I am going to be more healthy by sticking to my gluten and dairy free diet to be a good example for my beautiful son so that he knows healthy eating is FUN!

  87. Hi Emma! Thanks so much for following! Your fit + healthy plan sounds great! Healthy eating is TOTALLY FUN! e & c

  88. Okay Merrymakers… All steps complete. My 2013 has been off to a bad start with having a tonsillectomy!! So my fit and healthy plans are starting with a healthy eating and exercise plan to aid my recovery, and I’m hoping to start training really soon for my second half marathon!! Thanks for all of your fab posts and yummy recipes, these will be awesome motivation for me!!!!xox

  89. Hi Lozza, thanks for following and completing all of the steps! That is no good about your operation and we hope you feel better ASAP! Your fit + healthy plan will definitely get you on the right track and we are glad that we can help motivate you! e & c

  90. Hi commercial coffee machines! Thanks for the feedback, glad that you like it. Plenty more recipes coming your way! Did you check out our paleo icey coffee frappe? Totally delish! e & c

  91. Hi!
    I’ve completed steps 1 & 2!

    I really want to win! pick me!

    I keep healthy by following a paleo diet, running!! (love marathoning) and doing a combination of p90x, bootcamps, yoga- hot or barre. Love it!!!!!

    Love your recipes and site, keep it up!

  92. Steps done! I plan to conquer annorexia. Enjoy a healthy relationship with food and excersice and become free of all food fears 🙂 i hope i get to try dome new paleo snacks! Especially banana flour!!!!

  93. Have entered 🙂

    So glad I have come across this amazing blog via Instagram!

    I plan on being fit + healthy made with….
    A green juice a day, to help keep the doctor away
    Eat completely clean, so my body is healthy and lean
    Lifting heavy weights a few times a week, for the strong body I seek
    Not forgetting some good old cardio, to get the body moving and go go go
    I will also practice yoga, for my body mind and soul, that’s how I plan on being fit + healthy made on the whole 🙂

  94. Hey girls, by writing this comment all 4 steps are complete! I’m so glad I found your blog, I’ll admit that I’m not 100% clean and that I, as you both were, a bit addicted to the ‘no fat/diet’ range, even though I do know I’m ingesting a chemical storm!

    I have a few fit and healthy goals, I’m signing up for the City2South 14km run in June, so I’m going to go from couch potato to at the very least being able to run 5km in under 30 minutes. I also want to start incorporating cleaner foods into my diet and hopefully as a result of all of the above finally get my best body!

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    Emma, QLD

  95. Hey!

    I’ve completed Steps 1, 2 and 3 !

    I have a dairy and wheat intolerance combined with IBS. I have been to a dietician and I am now on a Low FODMAPS diet and have been pain free for a month! Spelt has been a life saver!
    I’ve also signed up to the gym and have been doing everyday. I’m in training for Tough Mudder 2013, it will be insane.

    Your recipes are amazing! Thank you so much

  96. Steps one & two complete. Found you guys on Instagram and headed over to your website for some yummy recipes. I think at this stage my plan for keeping fit & healthy is regular exercise and keeping a close eye on this website/blog for some more yummy recipes 🙂

  97. Liked, subscribed and shared on instagram!
    I’m a uni student, with not alot of money, but what money I do have goes to buying wholesome, nourishing foods. Exercise is also super important to me, and I’m a Les Mills Body Attack trainee so soon I will be teaching group fitness classes and inspiring others to be fit and healthy!

  98. Hi Michelle, your fit + healthy plan sounds great (a little bit of everything!) We would love to see more of your green smoothies! e & c

  99. Wow, what a fabolous website you have, just found it! Can’t wait to try out your recipes, you have such wonderful ideas here!
    I’ve completed step 1 and 2. My plan is to stick to my sugar free diet, eliminate dairy and eat more vegies (broccoli, yay!). And of course continue with my training plan – morning beach cardio + bodypump.

  100. Hi Emma, thanks for entering and following! We are glad that you found us too! Having a goal to work towards will definitely help keep you motivated! Keep us posted! e & c

  101. Hi Brittany, thanks for your entry! Your fit + healthy plan sounds great, keep us updated on tough mudder! How exciting! e & c

  102. Hi LJ, thanks for your entry! Glad that you found us! Your fit + healthy plan sounds great and there will be plenty more recipes coming your way! e & c

  103. Hi Cheyenne! Thanks for following and your entry! Fantastic that you are mixing work and your fit + healthy plan! Keep us updated on your progress! We love Les Mills! e & c

  104. Hi Heidi, thanks for your entry! We look forward to hearing how your recipes go! Your fit + healthy plan sounds right on track, keep us updated! e & c

  105. Ah I finally got around to doing steps 1 & 2, and super stoked to now be in The Merrymaker Sisters loop 🙂
    Just finishing up the Whole30, and planning to stick to a mostly Paleo diet as I can see that it gives me the best fueling for Crossfit & my current triathlon training! I also plan to get my butt into better gear and be blogging about this healthy & fit lifestyle I am loving so that others can be blessed by it too!
    Thanks for the awesome website! I am about to go start the Choc Raspberry no-bake Cake for Valentines dinner tonight!

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  107. Hi Holly! Thanks for your entry and so glad you are in the loop now! Your fit + healthy plan sounds fantastic and we are glad we can take the journey with you. Keep us posted on how you go with the choc-raspberry cake…definitely one of our faves so far! e & c

  108. Very happy to subscribe and like you on twitter, facebook & insta – loving your blog/posts already! 😀
    I plan to be fit + healthy made by being organised with food to make clean eating a no brainer and after losing the motivation to exercise for a while (worst time for that to go out the window, summer!) exercising a minimum of once every 48 hours! I don’t follow a strict diet of any type I just eat for health and what makes me feel my best. Currently reinvigorating my passion for exercise by starting pump classes along side training for the fun runs coming up, first off the rank is 8km Gallipoli Run in April!

  109. Hi Paula! Thanks so much for entering and for your feedback! We are big believers in doing what makes you feel the best you can so we love you fit + healthy plan. Let us know how you go with your 8km run. e & c

  110. The cake was amazing!we ate half between the four of us and my hubby couldn’t wait to get home today and have more!! I’m sure he would have eaten it for breakfast if I let him!ha
    Thanks for sharing – going to try the caramel next 🙂

  111. Everything is all ready to go for this recipe, I’ll be making it first thing tomorrow, I’ll take photos ands tag you on instagram xx

  112. Hi Holly! So glad you loved it!! We were exactly the same 😀 Thanks so much for your feedback and let us know how the next cake goes! e & c

  113. Hi RissaGrace! It looks like we missed your comment here, sorry for the late reply! Were you able to figure out the subscribing? It is best to do it from a computer and not your phone 🙂 e & c

  114. Liked, subscribed & insta shared. This year I will reach my health & wellness goals by eating clean, I’ve loved trying out your Paleo recipes and am planning on completing ‘the whole 30’. I would really love to feel energized rather than sluggish all the time for a change. This year I’m spending more time in the kitchen experimenting with clean food & trying out new things on the exercise front (loving kettle bells at the moment). Love your Blog!

  115. Hi Kristy Leigh, thanks for entering and sharing on insta! Love your fit + healthy plan, it seems like we have a lot in common. Keep us posted with all your experiments and exercise ideas! e & c

  116. Hi girls! I’ve completed all the steps and my plan to get fit and healthy this year is to educate myself on the paleo lifestyle as it seems to be a back to basics, logical approach :o)

  117. Hi E&C,

    I have completed all stages to win the goodies 🙂 to get fit & healthy I am going to cut out take away, including coffee etc & really start to stick to it. I always fail but not this time! I still have 40kgs to lose & I want to do it in a healthy way with exercise & eating healthy as well =D



  118. Hi Fiona, thanks for your entry! We love the sound of your fit + healthy plan! We will definitely be able to help you with some rockin paleo recipes! e & c

  119. Hi Jasmin, thanks for your entry! Your fit + healthy plan sounds great – and having a goal will definitely help you reach it! Keep us updated. e & c

  120. Completed both steps; to get fit and healthy I cut portion sizes and also cut out junk food and sweets.

  121. Hi Ladies! Steps 1 & 2 completed! Follow you on Facebook – and your blog is Awesome! This Choc Caramel tart has me drooling…more, more, more! 🙂

  122. PS…I plan to grow my own fresh vegetables and do plenty of Yoga and Meditation to keep my mind & body healthy! 🙂

  123. Hi Helga, thanks for your entry! Sounds like a great fit + healthy plan! Keep us updated with your progress! e & c

  124. Hi Nicole, thanks for your entry and support! This no bake cake was seriously delish and oh so easy! Loving the sound of your fit + healthy plan. e & c

  125. Liked and subscribed. We have removed sugar, vegetable oils, fruit and processed foods from our household and are now working on the fitness. Thanks for the motivation, enthusiasm and information.

  126. I’m a NEW FAN, subscribed and love to keep fit by going to the gym everyday for cardio and weights it’s a RECIPE for happiness.

  127. Hi, I have liked you on facebook and subscribed to your blog.
    this year, I am going to use my rowing machine at least 4-5 times a week, for about 20 minutes, and play all my favourite tunes to keep me motivated

  128. Hi Rosslyn, thanks for your entry! We love the sound of your fit + healthy plan! Keep us updated on how you go. e & c

  129. Hi Rachael – well we are glad you found us! Loving the sound of your fit + healthy plan, definitely a recipe for happiness. e & c

  130. Hi Ariane, thanks for your entry! Loving the sound of your fit + healthy plan- good music makes everything better! e & c

  131. Hi there. Have liked, subscribed and followed on twitter. Thanks for a chance:)
    I love to keep healthy. Trying to eat the right foods and by walking.

  132. FB-liked and subscribed.

    I’m going to cut portion sizes and fill the hunger gaps with lots of raw salad vegetables this year!

  133. I have done steps 1 and 2. And I plan to get fit by walking to work like the good old days before I discovered the joys of a bus.

  134. Hey guys! I just love your blog. Thanks so much for the inspiring meals and snacks.
    I have a 4 year old, 2 year old and 4 month old. Changing from a lifestyle of ‘eat whatever I want when I want’ to the paleo lifestyle is a huge deal for me and my family. It’s going to take me a while to get my head around it all, but I know it’s best for me and my family. Struggling to get organised and plan meals can be difficult for me, which can in turn lead me to making poor diet choices. But, I’m determined to make it work, and I thank you for playing a part in that. That package wld make a HUGE difference in keeping me on he right track. Thankyou girls x

  135. When I eat bad, I feel so sad,
    My body feels gross, because I ate ice cream and toast!
    But when I eat clean, the results are seen,
    Im happy and free, a much better me!
    Like a car I run great, when good food is my mate!
    I do it for my kids, to teach body respect to the billy-lids!
    They have to see, a happy healthy fit me!
    And exercise is good for me too, but motivation where are you?
    Being grateful is the key, grafeul for a fit healthy body!
    So take i use it while I can, because you never know tomorrows plan!

    Liked and subscribed, thankyou! 😀

  136. Hi Kristen, wow you must have your hands full! Thanks for your entry! It will definitely be a transition process but once you know what you can use for substitutes you will be well on your way! e & c

  137. Hi Anita, thanks for your entry – and a creative one at that! Looks like you have all of the main bases covered for a fit + healthy plan! e & c

  138. Done and done. We have made some important food changes, my husband and I, over the last 12 months, so still new to this way of eating and am looking forward to trying your recipes and to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks girls.

  139. Have liked and subscribed. I plan to get out into my vegie garden more and enjoy the fresh produce (and consequential exercise that it entails).

  140. Liked on FB and subscribed!
    Step 1: Make this delicious cake
    Step 2: Find a quiet moment in my day and sit and eat said cake with a herbal tea, while browsing your site which I have only just stumbled upon…

  141. Thanks to everyone for your entries! We are just overwhelmed with the amount received! We will be randomly selecting a winner using this morning! How exciting! Always merrymaking, e & c

  142. Congratulations on winning our first giveaway Jess! We hope you love all the products as much as we do! e & c

  143. I just found your site,so sorry i missed the give away 🙁 I have M.S. and my husband has chronic fatigue so the Paleo diet would greatly benefit us both…It is hard as the cost involved is a lot greater and it is hard to try eating healthy on disability pension ….I just saw a new product banana flour( i saw a site on the back of the pack,which lent me to you)….What is your experience with it? It is very expensive,so I am a little scared to spend the money on it….Looking forward to try the recipes .With many thanks Rica

  144. Hi Rica,
    So glad you found us! We can see that the paleo diet would greatly benefit both you and your husband. We understand the cost of eating paleo can be a little more expensive, especially hard when on a pension.

    We just received our first order from iherb – – we would recommend checking this site out. Many of the paleo pantry necessities are somewhat cheaper here then what you’d see at the local health food shop. If you use the following code you will receive $10 off your first order CZC296.

    Good luck with your paleo journey and keep us updated!!

    e & c

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  146. Hey there!

    I’ve completed steps 1 & 2!

    I’ve been searching I’m hoping for exactly this – I love the idea of clean eating/paleo but it needs to be easy (& tasty) ..I enjoy dairy to much to have none, I think you have got the perfect combo. So… I’ll be giving this a go to add to my already hectic schedule of running, pump, spin,triathlon. I’m hoping this will be a more wholestic approach for a healthy body & mind!!

  147. Thanks Nicole! Unfortunately the giveaway has already closed! But there will be plenty more coming – so keep an eye out! e & c p.s we love the sound of your fit + healthy plan!

  148. What a fantastic site and competition. I have liked you on Facebook and subscribed to your blog. Your website is fun and inspirational with a realistic non preachy approach I like it a lot and believe a lot of success will come your way.

    The two things I will be doing is trying out some of your delicious sounding recipes the first I am going to try for myself and my two daughters is that yummy sounding cauliflower fried rice.

    The second is keeping up my running. I started running last Mother’s Day with the 5km Mother’s Day classic, this year I am doing the 10 and a half marathon the following weekend.

    Thanks for your great site.

  149. Hi Mary! Unfortunately the giveaway has already closed! But your fit + healthy plan sounds great and all the best for your half marathon! Let us know how it goes! e & c

  150. I was already a FB fan, now I have signed to your blog as well. My husband and I are about to begin interval training together in the park and I plan to try one new paleo recipe a week, to broaden my nutritional intake. I would love love LOVE this prize pack so we can try new and exciting foods!

  151. Hi Stacey B! Thanks so much for subscribing! Unfortunately this give away is over…but we are planning another very soon so keep on following along. Your interval training sounds great and we have lots of delish paleo recipes for you to try! e & c

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