Five Under-rated Veggies We Love on a Paleo Lifestyle.


Everyone has their favourite and staple vegetables that stock the fridge every week but there are some serious under-rated veggies out there! Our staples would have to be sweet potato, onion, zucchini, capsicum, cucumber, carrot and lettuce. But there are seriously SO many vegetables that we turn a blind eye to at the markets. We have put it down to two reasons why some vegetables don’t get a second look in…

ONE: un-chartered territories are super intimidating for us…like…how the hell do you peel a celeriac?! Seriously google search a celeriac and you will wonder the same thing.

TWO: “but we HATE brussel sprouts!” We clearly remember saying this as kids…before we had even tried a brussel sprout! It’s the classic judging a book by its cover story.

We decided last month that we had to start stepping outside our vegetable comfort zone. We have been hitting the markets and adding random veggies to our baskets.

Here’s five veggies that we have grown to love…who knows, you might love them too!

broccoli: one of the most nutritious vegetables in the whole entire world! Broccoli (or ‘trees’ as we used to call them when we were little) contains vitamins A and E, folate, calcium and iron…it actually has a higher vitamin C content than the orange!  Steam some for dinner tonight!

celeriac: sweet potato chips are SO last year! Learn to peel one of these and you can make the perfect thick cut chips (recipe coming soon!) The taste is a cross between celery and parsley! Weird but yum!

brussel sprouts: turns out we actually kind of love these! They are super cute + delicious! Again, one of the most nutrient dense veggies on the market shelf. Try baking some with your next roast dinner!

eggplant: why do they call it that? Who knows! Eggplants are great for pasta replacements in paleo lasagne and if you bake some with a little olive oil it makes a salad super special! Eggplants have both Omega 3 + 6 and promote proper brain function (quick! Better go get some now!)

beetroot: NOT THE CANNED KIND! In fact, did you know that a can of beetroot has around 12 grams of added sugar? Yikes! Gross. And this is where we got our inspiration for our recipe today! How yum is a beetroot dip?! Enjoy our paleo beetroot hummus with our paleo crackers and you are set for an afternoon with friends and family!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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