Eating Paleo Will Make Your Skin Amazing!

Eating paleo really will make your skin amazing! Our skin has never felt and looked better and we owe it mostly to the way we eat. It makes a lot of sense really and it’s pretty simple: what we eat directly impacts what our skin is going to look and feel like!

We know there are lots of little foodie hacks to make our skin even more amazing (example: add lemon to water) but by simply changing from a ‘standard diet’ to a paleo diet we’ve noticed some amazing changes! What we’re saying is: eat paleo and your skin will look bloody darn amazing! #truth

We use organic, all natural skincare and makeup but no matter how many amazing products we own we know it really comes down to what we eat!  Sometimes we’ll meet someone who uses all organic, top of range beautiful skincare and makeup and then *BAM* we see them the following week with a bottle of Diet Coke. Not cool, doesn’t make sense, blows our minds! You can’t expect your skin to glow when you’re consuming crap. Another #truth

Sorry to rant and abruptly stop here but we have to give ourselves a high five… we both used to be addicted to Diet Coke, when we say addicted we’re talking 1-2 litres a day addicted! It’s been 2 years since we’ve sipped that black liquid poison! YAY. If you need help to overcome your addiction let us know and we will write about our experience! We’re seriously proud of ourselves, it was a difficult addiction to overcome!

You may lead a paleo lifestyle and feel all the amazing benefits already! Or maybe you’re thinking about starting? We really have noticed the change in our skin and believe that eating paleo will make your skin amazing too! To twist that rubber arm of yours and convince you that paleo will make your skin glow, here are the changes we’ve noticed…

  • way less pimple breakouts! The only time we both ever get pimples is around that time of the month (damn you hormones) or Carla will breakout if she goes primal for a day and eats too much cheese! It’s like 1-2 pimples generally. 
  • more even skin tone. We only began to realise what skin tone was when ours got way way better! Colour is more even, no more weird red or discoloured blotches. Our skin feels more even, less weird bumps and lumps… actually none.
  • more hydrated. This is a no-brainer. Since living paleo, we consume a lot more water. There’s no more crappy juice (liquid sugar mostly), sodas or soft drinks. 
  • our skin looks younger! Ok, we know we’re young and we don’t have any proof on this but we think our skin looks pretty good so far. Does it count that we still get ID-ed when Carla is 24 and Em is in her *eeek/hyperventilating* late 20’s (27!. must be all that paleo stuff right?)? Time will only tell,  we’ll report back in a few years!
  • more radiant skin! We got this description from all the skin care ads and and maybe it’s to do with our crazy amounts of energy we have since going paleo?! But we feel radiant, do you?

Our environment, stress factors and genetics also impact the way our skin looks and feels. When you feel stressed, try for a little meditation session, when it’s cold, don’t blast the heater straight on to your skin (we always do this and always regret it) and be sure to find a natural sunscreen for long hours in the sun. If we’re only outside for a short time we don’t wear any sunscreen… hello vitamin D! 

But we’ll take a stand and say that the food and drink we consume is by far the easiest factor we can all control to ensure for radiant, glowing, AMAZING skin!

We’d just love to hear about your experiences and if you’ve noticed any amazing changes to your skin since embarking paleo… let us know! It’s all just so interesting, isn’t it?!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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