Australia’s Best Organic and Natural Skincare Products.

As you know, we have the goal to eat 99% all organic food by the end of 2014. We’ve done our research, watched our fair share of documentaries and this decision is going to better our health and the world we live in. But does it stop with food? The short answer: no. 

We’ve now started looking in to the clothes we wear, the cleaning products we use and especially the stuff we put on our skin! 

Because what the hell is propylene glycol, formaldehyde, dioxane, ethylene oxide and acetaldehyde?! Hmm! See why we kind of needed to ask some questions here? For us it was time to treat our skin the same way we make choices about the food we eat.

You probably know that our skin is the largest organ and 80% of everything you put on to your skin is absorbed in to the body. Those chemicals we mentioned before are pretty common in a lot of skin care products available on the shelf… and well, they’re kind of toxic! Eeek!

Ok ok, enough of the scary stuff. You get why we’re making the switch to organic and natural skin care!

We’ve taken another one for the team and got our hands on some of Australia’s best organic and natural skincare products and put them to the test! We’re not going to lie… we LOVED every single product, the smell, the feel, the results but each range had a real standout!

Sanctum Australia

australias best organic and natural skincare products3

We tried almost EVERYTHING Sanctum Australia has to offer, including their cleanser, toner, serum and moisteriser. Our faces are literally beaming ‘thank you’! 


The winner for Sanctum Australia would have to be their body balm. It’s this delish blend of aloe and cocoa. 


Actually sinks in to the skin, gives a tightening feel to the skin.

LaMav Organic Skincare Science

australias best organic and natural skincare products2

We tried out the purify and clean cleanser and scrub. Merrymaker Mum tried out the Age Defence Series cream cleanser, she is loving how fresh and firm her skin is feeling. 


Standout product for LaMav Organic Skincare Science is definitely the Bio-A7 Firming Eye Lotion!


It has a hibiscus extract that has a botox like effect (winning! Mum liked this too), plus it reduced the puffiness around our eyes. 

Divine by Therese Kerr

australias best organic and natural skincare products6

We tried the tooth mousse (clever name!), deodorant and hand lotion. All absolutely beautiful (divine is probably a better word!).


Our favourite product from Divine by Therese Kerr is without a doubt… the hand lotion! Even Merrymaker Dad loved it and we quote “I put some of that kerr stuff on my hands this morning… and they were soft all day!” Ha! We love dad.


Dad said it all! Plus it has this delish fresh lemon scent which is just nom!


australias best organic and natural skincare products5

Yes! Fake it all the way. Our Greek heritage unfortunately didn’t provide us the olive complexion you’d expect! Finally a fake tan with zero nasties! Go EcoTan! We tried the invisible tan and winter skin tan… we’re sold! Easy to apply and non-streaky!

Appelles Apothecary & Lab

australias best organic and natural skincare products

We first saw Appelles on Instagram and they had us at hello! Then they had us at their products! We tried out the body wash, skin lotion, rosemary body bar, wheat shampoo and conditioner, bath caviar, bath fizz and bath salts! Spoilt! All of these products are just like heaven! We love them all!


The shampoo and conditioner definitely takes first place for Appelles Apothecary & Lab! 


FINALLY we have found a natural shampoo and conditioner that actually feels like it cleans our hair! Plus… it smells AMAZEBITES! The shampoo has eucalyptus and lemongrass and the conditioner uses sandalwood and kakadu plum! Yes! SO YUM! 

Adorn Skincare

A natural skincare range that is Australian made and owned. They have a HEAP of products available on their website. We tried out the 3 step natural skin care pack as well as the rose hip oil (we LOVE rose hip oil!). 


The Exfoliating Facial Polish! Doesn’t dry out the skin but leaves it soft and supple! Plus! Leave it on for 15 minutes and it doubles as a face mask! 


Adorn uses skin loving plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. What’s not to love?!

Our bathroom now has an abundance of Australia’s best organic and natural skincare products! Merrymaker HQ could almost be a day spa! Do you have a fave product you can’t live without? We’d love to hear about it so we can try it too!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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