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This Pelvic Floor Masterclass with Sarah Anderson is now inside the MerryBody Online Studio. 

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She’s a Physiotherapist who specialises in the pelvic floor. you’ll also access over 20 other interviews with women leading the health, well being and mindset world. Yes… it’s all free!

In the Pelvic Floor Masterclass, Sarah firstly explains the anatomy of your pelvic floor, a group of muscles and ligaments that are in your pelvis. To simplify it, these muscles act like a hammock that goes from your pubic bone to your tailbone which lifts up to support your pelvic organs such as your bladder, bowel and uterus.

When we have awareness of our pelvic floor we better understand the importance of maintaining a healthy pelvic floor. The awareness gives us more motivation to look after our bodies, to exercise and strengthen the core.

Sarah says, “the core is what creates spinal stability, if you have no core activation, you wouldn’t be able to sit or stand or walk without an aid. We take our cores for granted, whether it’s bending down or reaching up or putting shoes on, getting in or out of the car… we use our core muscles!”.

This is why we love Pilates and why we practise it at least 4 days a week! Because Pilates has such a big focus on core strength and spinal health (which is dependent on core strength).

Sarah mentions how crucial it is to check in with your core when you’re working out.  “You should be checking in with your body, If you’re lifting weights and your back arches and your shins poke forward, you will fatigue or worse injure yourself. This is when you need to stop, take a ten-second break, reset your core, find that neutral spine and then lift”.

In the interview, we delve deeper into the importance of exercise, the signs of a weak pelvic floor and the step by step process that Sarah does with her patients to check they have a functioning pelvic floor. 

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