5 reasons why you should try Pilates…. they’re not what you think.

There are so many reasons to try Pilates…. and so many reasons to love Pilates! I have practised mat Pilates consistently for over 2 years. But I was first introduced to the practice with Winsor Pilates (remember those infomercials?!). 

The reason why Mum and Dad bought me the program was because all of sudden I had this crazy back pain when I was about 15. I couldn’t run, I had to stop swimming (I used to train 5-6 times a week), I couldn’t exercise. I felt horrible, I was so used to moving and now I couldn’t.

After x-rays and specialist appointments I found out I had scoliosis (a sideways curvature of the spine). It wasn’t an extreme curve, it didn’t need operating BUT it bloody hurt! And it stopped me from all exercise… except Pilates!

Fast forward about 14 years, I signed up for my Pilates mat teacher training. The reason for signing up was actually to help me get through a breakup. I felt sad, I had extremely low self-esteem from this toxic relationship and at the time I felt like I’d lost my light (it was temporarily dimmed). 

Now, I’m very grateful for this dark time. It led me to Pilates which led us to MerryBody.

In no particular order…

5 reasons why you should try Pilates.

Pilates will make you feel more confident.

You might think this is a really weird first reason why you should try Pilates. Yes, Pilates helps you get a peachy butt BUT Pilates is all about strengthening your core, the practice helps you stand taller and promote better posture. All these physical things directly relate to your self-esteem and your confidence.

If you’re feeling flat. If you’ve lost your inner light (don’t worry it’s still there, just on dim) do a Pilates class and feel the magic. You literally leave 2 inches taller and feeling amazing. 

You can practise Pilates at home.

I love working out at a studio. I love using equipment BUT what I love even more is that I can do a Pilates workout anytime and anywhere with no equipment. Body weight is enough!

It also means you can add chunks of Pilates to your day. Got a spare 15 minutes after lunch? Do some Pilates! Got another 25 minutes free after work? Boom, you have time for MerryBody online Pilates class!

It’s also a great way to exercise while you travel. Perfect for hotel rooms, perfect for you if you’re on a driving trip because it can be done outside, perfect anywhere and anytime (one of our MerryBods traveled all around Australia taking part in the last program).

Pilates will help you balance your hormones and get your period back.

See these reasons are totally not what you think. And no, this isn’t widely spoken about during a Pilates class. BUT practising Pilates (and Yoga) helped me get my period back. My period went missing for about 2 years. It was caused by losing a stack of weight from calorie restricted eating and too much high intensity exercise. This exact same thing happened to Carla as well… so we are thinking it’s faily common for women who worry about weight/diet/exercise a lot. 

The condition is called Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and YES you need to change your lifestyle to get your period back. You need to eat more good healthy foods and exercise less (I’d recommend you seek expert advice, I’m just sharing my experiences and Pilates was part of my healing journey).

If you have Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (also known as HA), Pilates (and also Yoga) is the perfect movement for you. Low impact and mostly lower intensity unless you choose to bring the speed to your movement.  

It was really hard going from lots of exercise to no exercise. But I knew I had to do this to get my period back. Coz newsflash: regular periods are important, not just when you want to have a baby. 

Pilates is not only a loving way to exercise your body, this style of movement also connects body, mind and soul. It’s the perfect way to help you through a health issue like HA.


Pilates will transform your body. 

Yes, we can confidently tell you this because we’ve both experienced it. We’re not saying it will happen overnight BUT with a consistent practice, it will happen!

You do not need to slog away on the treadmill, you don’t have to lift super heavy weights, you don’t need to do high intensity workouts.

Like you can if you want… but if you don’t enjoy that kinda movement and you still want to see body transformation… try Pilates! 

Carla has written about how she lost 8kg with Yoga and Pilates. You can read it HERE.

You can keep up your Pilates practice as you go through different stages of life. 

This might be one of my most favourite reasons why I love Pilates.

I truly believe that Pilates is a forever exercise, something you can do when you’re feeling fit and strong and something you can do when you need to slow down your exercise.

It’s all about making it work and making it feel good for YOU!

I see all shapes, sizes and abilities do Pilates. All ages. Women do it when they’re pregnant. And men practise Pilates for that matter too! 

I fell in love with Pilates.

And from this love and experience, we created MerryBody.

So maybe it’s time to give Pilates a try? Check it all out right HERE!

Always merrymaking,



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