Pilates 20 Minute Workout, try this class!


For so long we thought we had to workout for at least one hour at a time for it to be effective. The issue with this belief is that when you don’t have an hour you are more likely to skip your workout. Also, it’s just completely untrue!

The best workout for you, is the one you do. 

If this means you find 20 minutes spare in your day between working, kids, cooking, sleeping, driving, cleaning, errands and living… then this is the perfect time frame for your workout. 

If you struggle to find any spare time in your day, we recommend online workout classes. As Yoga and Pilates instructors, we believe Yoga and Pilates are the best online workouts because all you need is your amazing body and a Yoga mat.  

Online classes save you time, you can simply roll out the mat at home. Do your workout before the kids wake up or in the office during your lunch break or while dinner is in the oven. This means you spend no time driving to the gym, no time spent trying to find a park, no worries about running late or missing out on that busy Monday 5pm time slot.

During an online Pilates 20 minute workout you’ll experience all the benefits from this life enhancing exercise. 


Before we take you through some of the benefits you’ll experience from Pilates, we have a free 20 minute class you can try today. Simply, head on over here, sign up and instantly access your free online Pilates class!


6 Amazing Benefits Of Pilates 

Build core strength 

Pilates is well known for being one of the best methods to work and strengthen the core. Pilates movements begin at the centre of the body and have an emphasis on engaging and therefore working the abdominal muscles.

Increase flexibility and mobility 

This total body workout increases both strength and flexibility. This combination results in increased mobility and range of motion. Making it an extremely effective form of exercise. 

Mind body connection

Within a Pilates class you’ll notice the focus on the breath. It’s also one of Joseph Pilates Principles of Pilates. Each movement is done in time with the breath, this creates mind body connection and also gets you present. 

Boost your mood

All exercise promotes the production of feel good hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. This is why you feel so damn good after Pilates, even after a 20 minute class.

Decrease stress

The production of feel good hormones also results in the decrease of stress and anxious feelings. Ahhh, movement just makes you feel better and this will flow on to the rest of your life in positive ways!

Improve posture 

With an increase in core strength and mobility, you will find it easier to hold yourself with the correct posture. This results in less back pain, and fewer potential back injuries. It creates a feeling of confidence! Test it out right now, slump your shoulders and see how you feel, then compare it to standing with your shoulders back.  

Alright, if you’ve made it this far, head on over to this page and access your free 20 minute online Pilates class right now! This class is from our MerryBody Yoga and Pilates App. It’s designed to work your core, thighs and booty, we know you’ll feel amazing after! 

Once you do the class, let us know about your experience! If you have any questions we are here to help!

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

ps. here’s one of our amazing MerryBody Members talking about their Pilates and Yoga experience. 

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