Workouts to do at home during lockdown | no equipment needed!

workouts to do at home during a lockdown with no equipment

There is no doubt, everything is different. You’ve gone through lockdowns, changes to your work, to your school life, big changes to your ability to travel (more important when you have family overseas and can’t see them!), and of course to your fitness and gym regimes. You’re looking for workouts to do at home during lockdown with no equipment. Workouts to not only help you move your body but also to support your mental health. Daily movement will help you release endorphins which will help you feel more grounded during these uncertain times. But we know, sometimes it’s hard to feel the motivation to workout at home. If you want to access 5 of our at home workouts right now, sign up for our 5 days of 10 minute workout classes here (they are free).

We want to acknowledge that we’ve been less impacted by lockdowns and Covid-19 in general compared to the rest of the world. We feel like we’ve been in a Gold Coast (Australia) bubble. We have good friends in Melbourne and Sydney who are going through yet another lockdown right now, they message us with updates. We also have many close international friends here in Australia, of course, Damiano too (Emma’s boyfriend from Italy), not only are their friends and families at more risk (which is scary) but also they can’t legally go home! Half our MerryBody team is located in the Philippines, the updates they give worry us so much.

Just touching on all of this creates such a heavy feeling. We’re sad for the world, we’re sad for our friends and family. The worst part is that it feels like there is no real plan to move through this. No wonder depression rates are rising. 

When we are feeling this way we really depend and lean onto our Yoga, Pilates and Meditation practices. These practices help you feel centered and grounded, especially important in the moments where you’re stuck in your head, overthinking and feeling sick with anxiety.

These practices are perfect workouts to do at home during lockdown, not only good for the physical body but they help to rein in your mind. They help you to simply focus on the next step and feeling ok within this moment. 

Many of our MerryBody Members keep us posted on how their at home Yoga and Pilates classes are getting them through this difficult time. How the scheduled ‘Let Go Yoga’ class really helped them move through the dreary Melbourne lockdown morning. Or how the I Can Do It Pilates motivated them for another work from home day. They message each other and check in, we’ve even been doing 1 on 1 chats with members to connect and guide them with their practice. Although these are times where we’ve been physically isolated we can connect in other ways. 

Workouts to do at home during a lockdown, no equipment needed. Here are our tips:

workouts to do at home during lockdown

Make a plan.

You went on Youtube to find the perfect workout class, then got distracted by puppy videos or pasta-making classes with Nonnas (or is that just us)?! We know there are so many online at-home workouts to choose from… sometimes the decision is the hardest part. This is why every single week we create a Weekly Plan of daily scheduled classes inside our Online MerryBody Studio. We carefully curate the plan to help save you time and also to work your body in a balanced way. You simply open up the MerryBody App and boom, find today’s class! Goodbye decision fatigue. 

Start with a short online workout.

Sometimes when you make a grand plan it sets you up to fail instantly. You went too big, too soon. You went to bed with good intentions to wake up and roll out the Yoga mat and do that 1 hour flow Yoga class but you didn’t make it. The idea of an hour workout just made you feel even more sad. This is where we say ANY workout is better than none. And this is why we make our Yoga and Pilates classes ranging from 10 minutes-30 minutes.

The 10 minutes of movement that you actually do is a hundred times better than the 1 hour you planned and did not do. Makes sense right?!

The best part, once you do start the movement you’re way more likely to pop on another 10 minute class!

But actually… the best part! You can sign up and get 5 of our best 10 minute at-home Yoga and Pilates classes sent right to your inbox! Learn more and sign up here. 

Get support so you actually do your workouts at home during lockdown.

You don’t have to go at this alone. You can ask for help, you can feel supported. Whether you loved the group workout or preferred your workout buddy pre-lockdown, workouts during lockdown as a community are possible (they just look a little different). We know this because we’ve seen it since the day we began MerryBody, you see, we created our Online Studio before ‘lockdown’ was common vocabulary. We’ve designed it with the at-home workout in mind. This is why we have our very active and supportive private community group. This is also why we run live Challenges, so we can all get on board with daily exercise and meditation together! There really is something amazing that happens when a group of people commit to these Challenges, the motivation and momentum are high! 

Roll out your mat and do the class now.

Our tips are not rocket science. Really the most important thing is to simply roll out your mat and do the at home workout class!

Choose a short class. Schedule it in for right now (or after you finish work) do the class and then report back. Tell us you did it! Feel connected and supported. 

If you need a class to try out we just published this 9 minute at home yoga flow. This class is designed to re-energize and reignite your inner power and confidence. The perfect class for you if you’re feeling flat and down. The perfect workouts to do at home during lockdown.


Let us know what you think, more importantly, let us know how you feel after the class!

And if you love it, come and try out our MerryBody Online Studio. You’ll get instant access to hundreds and hundreds of Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes. Learn more over here and sign up to your 7 day trial. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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