Product review of Great Lakes Gelatin.

Before getting into paleo we tried a lot of different protein powders. It was a great addition to our morning smoothie or the go-to easy snack with the benefit of extra protein. The only annoying bit…  we got all this artificial sugary ugliness and a belly ache. So no more protein powders… until now! 

We have been trialling Great Lakes Gelatin and loving it. It’s made our morning smoothies into the perfect protein packed brekky. But there are so many more benefits!  You see as the name Great Lakes Gelatin says… it’s gelatin, pure gelatin which is a natural protein found in certain parts of animals. The parts we don’t get nearly enough of.

Looking back, our caveman ancestors ate every possible part of an animal, you know that nose to tail thing? Pigs feet, organs and everything. This is why we should be making bone broths (one of our many 2014 goals!) and eating more organ meats (sorry vegos this post is not for you!). But for those who haven’t got around to bone broths yet (like us) or don’t have the stomach for organs, why not give Great Lakes Gelatin a try?!

Why should we use Grate Lakes Gelatin? Well it’s been found to do a heap of cool stuff! Like:

  • help digestion
  • provide a source of natural protein
  • maintain healthy joints  and help with recovery of joints
  • make skin, hair and nails grow
  • help reduce cellulite and tighten skin.

One last thing… we’ve read up on quite a few different gelatin articles (pro’s and con’s). Obviously making your own bone broth is the best option however Great Lakes Gelatin is definitely way more convenient and doable for some people. For more information and some interesting facts on Great lakes Gelatin click here.

Oh wait… there’s more. You can totally make gelatin lollies like this!

paleo lollies2

Always merrymaking,

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A big thank you to Rachael’s Organics for giving us a trial pack of Great Lakes Gelatin! Rachael’s site has lots of great products we use and she’s Aussie based (love that!).

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