5 Reasons To Love Rock Climbing.

Remember how we told you we were going to start trying new things and change up our routine? Well we tried out rock climbing last week and turns out we actually LOVE it! So on this merrymaker monday, here’s five reasons to love rock climbing:

one: Full. Body. Workout. It worked muscles we forgot we had! You have to use almost every muscle in your body to push yourself to that next point. After our intense rock climbing session our obliques + butts were on fire! You have to use your core to keep you balanced and your glutes are your powerhouse to get you to the next step.

two: I can do it, I can reach it, I can make it. The mental challenge of rock climbing is bigger than you might think.  There were plenty of times when the both of us got to a point and  said “there’s no way I can get to the top”. With a bit of motivation from our friends below and some internal ‘harden up + you can do it’ chants, we got to the top. Nothing beats the feeling of being at the top (*sings* we did it, we did it!)

three: adventure. Sick of the gym and stationary machines? Rock climbing is pretty adventurous (even the indoor kind!) Being up so high and with the potential that each step could be your last (yes we fell…it happened) gives you an adrenalin rush that the treadmill just can’t provide.

four: it doesn’t feel like a workout. Because it is such a different exercise, we forgot about ‘working out’. Turns out an hour rock climb  can burn up to 800 calories…not bad huh!?

five: FUN! This is probably the most important reason why we love it and you might too. Having fun while you workout is a huge plus, because it means you will be more inclined to go and do it again. You need a partner, so why not turn it into a social occasion?

Speaking of new things, we finally got our hands on some spaghetti squash (there were only two lonely squash left at the markets!) and put together this chicken + roast vegetable pesto spaghetti! Absolutely delish!

rock climbing

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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