Reduce Stress with this 25 Minute Yoga, Pilates and Breathwork Class


This 25 minute Yoga, Pilates and Breathwork class is the ultimate class to help you reduce stress and relieve tension in the body and mind. We call it ‘Stress Release Fusion’ and it starts with calming breathwork to get you feeling centred. Then get ready for Yoga flow movement that seamlessly moves into heart-pumping, booty burning Pilates. Finish with a final breathwork sequence to welcome in the feel amazing vibes.

This class is about shifting your current state. As soon as you begin you’ll feel a sense of presence, you’ll feel like you can let go of thoughts that no longer serve you. It’s an online 25 minute Yoga, Pilates and Breathwork class that will leave you feeling refreshed, clear-minded and overall: AMAZING.

You might think that 25 minutes is not long enough to fit in Breathwork, Pilates and Yoga! But trust us on this, it works seriously well. 

Reduce Stress with this 25 Minute Yoga, Pilates and Breathwork Class

This class is one of the newest classes inside our MerryBody Yoga and Pilates App. This class was so good that we had to share it with everyone. It’s now live on our YouTube Channel over here. Inside the MerryBody Studio Library, you’ll find 450 other classes just like this one!

The best thing about this Yoga, Pilates and Breathwork class is that it’s short and effective. Before we created MerryBody we always believed our workouts had to be at least one hour long to be effective but this is simply not true. And it’s simply not possible in many cases! This is why some of the most popular classes inside the MerryBody App are the 10-20 minute classes, they are the perfect class to fit into a busy schedule.  This is important as it reduces the excuses and increases the motivation. 

How Does Breathwork Reduce Stress? 

Breathing is something that happens automatically, but have you ever stopped and checked in with how you are actually breathing? Is it short and sharp, or long and full? 

Deep breathing, also known as diaphragmatic breathing is a practice that allows more air to flow into your body. This action is known to welcome calm feelings and reduce stress. Compare this to short and sharp breathing that leads to feelings of anxiety and also puts your body into a state of stress. 

As you do the above stress reducing class you’ll experience this first-hand. Carla, our lead Yoga teacher, takes you through two different methods of Breathwork. 

Does Yoga Really Help Relieve Stress? 

Yoga is one of the most accessible ways to reduce stress. Stress and anxiety usually come from thoughts of the past or the future. Yoga Asana is a practice of mindfulness, it’s a way of movement that will get you into the present moment and move through the anxiety and stress causing thoughts. Yoga creates a mind-body connection as each move is connected to an inhale and an exhale. We talk more about this over here.

Pilates For Stress Relief? 

Yes, a consistent Pilates practice will lead to a strong core, improved posture and increased flexibility. Pilates is also an amazing movement for your mind and will help you reduce stress. Just like Yoga, each Pilates move is connected to your breath. Also, like all exercise, Pilates (and Yoga) release all the feel-good hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. This is why you feel so amazing after exercise! 

Alright, enough talk it’s time to take action! Try out this 25 Minute Yoga, Pilates and Breathwork Class, once you do the class let us know! 

If you love it and want more, sign up for our Mood Lifter Fusion Class over here! Another great class that combines Yoga and Pilates. 


Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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