Save Energy, The World and Your Dollars! The Tips and Tricks You Need!

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We refer to our house as: Merrymaker Land, because we can and it’s fun. It definitely freaks a few people out (ummm hello crazy sisters).

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Imagine pretty pinks, with feathers, crystals, sparkles, inspirational quotes everywhere and a lot of cushions… got it? Ok, well you’re now imagining our home. It’s a whole heap of merry-ness.

Because we work from home, we believe that it’s necessary to make Merrymaker Land an extra fun, comfortable, creative and inspiring place.

This will make us work better (we think anyway…).

Merrymaker Land is situated in Canberra (which is the capital of Australia… if you didn’t know) and in winter it gets pretty freezing! Like -6°C freezing! This isn’t a joke or an exaggeration. It’s a hard hitting canberra-gets-freaking-cold #FACT!

energy tips
This is our first ‘working at home Canberra winter’ and there are SO MANY bonuses.

Like: we can stay in our PJs all day (we don’t do this all the time… don’t worry), there’s no need to defrost our cars in the morning, we can eat lunch on the lounge room floor oh! And then there’s the whole bliss following thing. Ahhh-mazing.

Yep, our gratitude list is huge!

On that gratitude list is our heater. Without our heater we’d have to wear 2 jumpers, our snow jackets, scarfs, beanies and gloves inside. Not so comfortable… right?

gratitude list_save energy
It wouldn’t be so easy to sit at a computer (note, we now have standing desks… YAY!), cook and take photos when we feel like Miss Marshmallows with all those layers. Safe to say our heater has had an epic workout this year.

Upside: we’re so toasty and warm. All. Day! 

Downside: our heating bill is officially huge and our carbon footprint has probably tripled this year. Eeeeek! Sorry mother nature!

So enough’s, enough! With the help of EnergyAustralia we’ve started to implement some energy saving tactics. We’ve definitely heard most of these before… but for some reason we never did them… so the time is officially NOW to save energy, the world and our dollars!

We thought we’d remind you too so we can all be energy saving superstars… to make it easy, we created this merrymaker printable! It’s oh so cute… and oh so helpful! Print it HERE!

Ready for our tips?

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Wear enough clothes!

Not the whole 2 jumpers and a jacket, scarfs and beanie thing. But like cozy socks, warm PJs and a super cute dressing gown or a nice warm jumper! We’ve actually noticed we get too hot now and have to turn the heater down. Say what?! True story!

Shut doors to rooms that don’t need heating.

Like bathrooms, toilets and the rooms no one uses. Especially because most bathrooms and toilets have window ventilation. We know this means night trips to the loo will be awful… but just run back to your warm bed. It will be ok. We promise.

Close the blinds and curtains to keep heat in.

Unless you live/work in the room through the day… in that case, open the curtains and let the sunlight stream in! That’s definitely ok, sunlight makes us happy AND warm!

Merrymaker land
Use power boards.

We now connect all our computers and devices to power boards. It’s easier to turn on and off plus it’s only one socket supplying the electricity to all the devices. Also, don’t leave cords plugged in and switched on with no devices… this uses energy (oooops!), definitely need to be reminded of this one! Our phone chargers magically, accidentally always stay on.

Defrost food in the fridge instead of the microwave.

We rarely use our microwave, it’s not even switched on anymore! Save energy and also save nutrients in your food!

Meal prep.

This means your oven and stove gets used less throughout the week. Plus you’re gonna be so super organised AND there will be less washing up! Win, win! WIN!

save energy MEAL PREP!
Use the economy cycle on your dishwasher.

And only turn it on when it’s full. If you don’t have one (like us!) wait until you have enough dirty dishes to make washing up worthwhile (please note: this is not an excuse to leave dirty dishes everywhere!).

Use cold water when washing clothes.

And yes, the economy or quick cycle where possible. We also make sure we only wash when we have a full load of clothes. We’ve actually always done this (not sure if we did this to save energy or because we dislike washing clothes… but either way… we’re already #winning at this tip!).

Don’t use the clothes dryer.

If it’s too cold and rainy for the outdoor clothes line, set up an indoor drying rack. We always use our clothes drying rack in the winter months because our fingers freeze off when we hang clothes on the line outside. That ain’t cool!

Do turn off the lights!

Especially when you’re not in the room… duh! Sorry Mum and Dad for ALWAYS leaving the lights on when we were little. Now we know why! OH! PLUS! Energy saving globes use 80-90% less energy than regular globes… NINETY PERCENT! That’s a lot of percent!

Grab a cuddle buddy!

If you’ve tried everything and you want to turn the heater up… instead, ask your nearest loved one (including pets) for ALL. THE. CUDDLES. Cuddling is fun and oh so energy efficient!

We bet you guys have a whole heap more tips to add to this list. The weirder the better.. let us know in the comments below and let’s all save the world… seriously, small changes can create epic results.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 


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