Discovering Self-Confidence: Bridget’s Yoga Teacher Training Journey


Each individual always has their own reason for joining a Yoga Teacher Training. For me (Carla), I’d always felt like I wanted to dive deeper into the practice of Yoga. I always had this curiosity as to why I felt SO GOOD after being on my mat. Curious as to why this way of movement and breath made me feel so different to say, running or HIIT. My intention was never to teach, although I am so grateful and honoured I get to now share these ancient teachings with so many amazing humans. 

When Bridget first joined MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training, we asked her to set an intention for the 16 week program. Setting an intention is a powerful practice as it reminds you of WHY you’re doing something. Not only does this create self-motivation but it makes the decision to do something important. And after all, where we spend our time IS important. 

Bridget’s intention, like mine, wasn’t to teach (even though she’s teaching corporate Yoga in her workplace today!). It was to build self confidence… 

“Throughout the MBTT, I really want to build my self confidence; learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and embracing the challenges throughout the course. I want to focus on practising positive self talk, boosting my motivation and being kinder to myself.” Here is amazing Bridget with her framed certificate! 


The thing about a Yoga Teacher Training, is that YES you learn to teach Yoga and you get stronger and will progress with your physical practice but really… that is only scraping the edges. When you jump into something new, when you say YES to something that is going to challenge you. You build self confidence. You learn. You grow.

And when it’s Yoga Teacher Training? Well there’s a whole ocean of Yogic Philosophy that might just change your life. 

One thing we encourage all of our Trainees to do throughout the program is to linger in the teachings. Don’t rush through this training as if it’s just something to tick off and be done with. Be present. Take your time. Bridget welcomed this intention in…

“I want to treat this journey in a new light, and not just power through (like I seem to do with every other course I’ve done). I want to really experience the learning, be curious and explore the conversations with the cohort. I want to learn to be more present in my learning, my practice and just life overall. I want to make the most of this opportunity and the opportunities it may lead to…for myself.”

And now that Bridget is a fully certified Yoga Teacher (already teaching!) we asked Bridget if the intention she set became a reality for her…

“My intention was to learn about myself, live life in a more fulfilling way, build self confidence, and learn to be kinder to myself. I definitely achieved this.  I taught 5 classes, gave presentations on so many different topics and contributed positively within the community. I will make sure I come back to this, these achievements and my memories of MBTT, I feel so proud.” Hear from Bridget here:

Running an Online Yoga Teacher Training we focus on providing education that is not only high quality but extremely engaging. Our goal is to have you beyond excited for next week’s content to be unlocked, with the added bonus of being able to go back and re-watch your favourite classes. 

“I became more interested in the program each week, I was so excited to complete classes and assessments, and just genuinely took so many learnings from this journey. I can’t wait to go back to week 1 content, go over what I’ve already learned and discover even more along the way.”

We couldn’t be more proud of Bridget. We watched her blossom, from the very first presentation she did on the Paths of Yoga to her final class, to now teaching corporate Yoga at her workplace. And the real magic? To see Bridget’s self-confidence, self-compassion and enthusiasm for life itself grow. 

“This experience has taught me to be more present, curious and explore conversations. I feel excited that I can take this enthusiasm I felt during this program and my new ability to remain present into any future endeavour I choose to do.”

If Yoga Teacher Training is something on your bucket list, then I’d love to invite you to learn more about our Online Program. You can check out when our next Annual Cohort will begin here! And if you have any questions at all, or are unsure if Yoga Teacher Training is for you, reach out and let’s chat!

Always merrymaking,

Carla (and Emma) 

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