The Small Things Matter. They Create the Big Thing (aka life).

This place is kind of like a magical bliss land. Filled with hundreds of different plants. There are birds and butterflies in the trees. Below the trees you’ll find the odd bunny rabbit and chicken. You’ll walk along the private beach and out pops the freaking most cutest elephant you’ve ever seen (because you’ve seen SO many elephants, especially elephants at resorts… right?). 

Now you might be wondering… ummm what were you extra Merry on?

Answer: nothing!

This place is real, Dan and I were lucky enough to experience it. I’m smiling with gratitude as I write this and think back.

You know when you’re on holiday and it feels like normal life? Whenever I go away to some magical place I always have the same thought. I think of how epic and amazing this place is, I think wow it’s so different to home, but after a couple minutes or maybe an hour, it feels almost comfortable… like I’ve always known it.

I don’t think this is necessarily a good or bad thing but it sure is an interesting thing.

I had this exact thought walking around the epic Thavorn Beach Resort in Phuket. Dan and I were lucky enough to be invited for a couple days. A couple days filled with delish Thai food, fun pool/work hours, blissful massages and a little taste of Patong fun! 


The whole time I was thinking, this place is beautiful and Dan and I had a running commentary of the epicness. Seriously, I wonder how many times I said “oooo look at the bunnies/butterflies!”.

We were in this magical place but it still felt comfortable (minus the cable cart to get up to our room on the mountain, Dan doesn’t like heights!).

Maybe it was something to do with being right on the beach and in the mountains, being relaxed and away from the day to day, or maybe the amazing service from the people who worked there, or maybe it was from travelling with someone you love being around.

All of the above? 

The memories I make on these epic holidays, biz trips and adventures are some of my most favourite. They stay in my mind forever because they are different to the everyday life.

Seriously, this was the best place to work (don’t freak out, it was like work/coffee/swim/work/swim/fun!). And serisouly, I am all for working on holidays! 


I get the whole message of not needing a holiday from your life thing. I live in an amazing place, with epic beaches, cafes and weather. It’s literally a holiday destination. I’m surrounded by amazing people and I love what I do all of the time… most of the time.

But you get so much magic and freaking value from going on an adventure and stepping outside your home zone. 

It’s good for your body, mind and soul, it’s a life investment. 

You learn more about yourself and the people you choose to travel with. This last trip to Thailand has not only made me realise how much I love to travel but how much I need to travel.

I love the simple things. But I love the big and exciting things too… and since starting Merrymakers, the big, exciting things are bigger and more exciting… which is cool. Ahhh balance.

It’s like I could have the exact same amazing feeling from sitting on the private beach enjoying a cocktail with Dan (amaze feature image!), to simply walking up the street with him to get coffee. I’m so grateful for both, and I know I need both. 

I’m not sure if I was aways like this or maybe I trained myself to be more like this when I realised THIS is what life is.

All the small things, making up the big thing (aka life).

It’s like that viral video (surely you have seen it? It went viral after all), life is a dance, the purpose isn’t to get to the end, the purpose is the dance and to enjoy it. Here’s the vid if you haven’t seen it.

This trip made me realise (again) how important it is to add more joy to life.

Like if you want to hike up the mountain, go away for the weekend, go for the 3 month trip, hang out in nature more, drink coffee at the same place everyday, become a yoga instructor, spend more time with friends, learn to cook, paint, meet new people OR WHATEVER.

Do it!

Stop the excuses. You will get all the work done, you can re-schedule everything, your routine can be a mess for a little while, the people who depend on you will understand. This message is for me and you.

Life is happening right now, are you enjoying it?

Thanks again Thavorn Beach Resort. Thanks for the inspiration and joy you brought me. 

Always merrymaking,


P.s this was the view.


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