That Paleo Show.

We had our very first podcast interview the other night for That Paleo Show and it was so much fun! If you haven’t heard of That Paleo Show you can check out the site here. That Paleo Show is designed to make the paleo lifestyle easy and accessible for everyone.  The episodes will help you get back to basics and redefine the way you eat, think, and move.

We will admit it, we haven’t listened to the podcast yet. We are too nervous! You know when you hear your own voice recorded… and then you’re like: do I really sound like that? Eeek!

Pretty please go and listen and let us know how you like it… and then we’ll go listen (hahaha).

Dr Brett Hill, Sarah Stewart and Steve Hayter are the hosts of That Paleo Show, we had so much fun chatting to them that we’ve decided we definitely need to visit them in Adelaide… and maybe go to cave camp (2.5 days of paleo ‘how-to’ – if that doesn’t sound like the BEST CAMP EVER, we don’t know what is!).

On That Paleo Show they’ve interviewed heaps of awesome paleo people. Like Marlies and Jai Hobbs from Paleo Cafe, George Byrant from Civilised Caveman and Dr Chris Kresser! So we are pretty stoked to have our little podcast next to pretty much paleo royalty!

If you  do listen let us now what you think and leave us a comment below!

Always merrymaking,

e + c

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