The Best Way to get your At Home Workout Done Everyday.

We know it can be a real struggle to get your at home workout done some days. Because the couch is there. The housework is looking at you. The never-ending work is there! There are so many distractions! You had the intention of doing the workout but you simply didn’t get around to it. 

We might just have the best way to get your At Home Workout done everyday! And it’s all thanks to one of our amazing  MerryBody Members, Rachel.

Rachel has been struggling to get on the mat consistently while working at home, but since beginning this very simple method she is finding it much easier to get in her daily movement.

“I have been lacking a bit of motivation lately, so I’ve recently started doing the 10 minute sessions 3 times a day. Right now, I am still working from home (due to Covid) so it’s also a reminder to get up and have a 10 minute break away from my screen. This is working really well!”

Instead of scheduling a 30-60 minute exercise session each day, Rachel is breaking it all down in to shorter chunks throughout the day. We just love this!

Plus, she gets the added benefit of moving away from the desk and screen, so necessary for our mind and body health!

For this very reason, we’ve recorded a bunch of NEW 10 minute (or less) Yoga and Pilates class for MerryBody Online Studio. And the best news is that you can try these classes without being a Member (for a limited time anyway!).

That’s right! We want you can test and trial out MerryBody Classes before even becoming a Member now! So if you’ve been uumming and ahhhing about it, NOW is the time to take action and try out these super short yet effective 10 minute classes. 

All you need to do is SIGN UP HERE and you’ll be part of our Free 5 Day Yoga and Pilates Challenge. You get 5 Days of 10 Minutes Classes sent right to your inbox! The best way to add extra movement into your day.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

Ps. here’s the link to sign up and get access to our Free 10 Minute Yoga and Pilates Classes.

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