Think Vitality Nutrition – Finally A Clean Protein Powder With Absolutely No Nasties!

With so many varieties of protein supplements to choose from, it can be super confusing to pick the right one for you. We can definitely say that we’ve tried our fair share… and yes, we used to drink those chemical filled supplements thinking we were doing our bodies good. The more we researched and the more we became aware of our bodies, we realised that perhaps these chemical filled, food like supplements weren’t the right choice for us. For a while we tried to get enough protein through real foods but with our active lifestyle we still had the need for an on-the-go protein fix.

So begun the search for a merrymaker friendly protein supplement. We look at two factors: the ingredients (we want no nasties and NO numbers!) and the taste factor (clearly it has to be DELISH). Both equally important!

We’re excited to say we’ve discovered a winning product! Introducing Think Vitality Nutrition Superfood Blends and it definitely ticks all the boxes (insert HAPPY MERRYMAKER dance!).

“We have developed a range of carefully formulated, 100% natural Superfood blends to help you develop robust, long-lasting health and accelerate your progress towards your health goals in an easy, affordable way. Eat with ease and confidence as you can expect to receive the best nourishment and taste that nature has to offer.” Vicky Reihana, Managing Director for Think Vitality Nutrition.

Sounds amazing, right? Ok! Lets get started with the ingredients. We want to keep it clean with no hidden nasties or chemical fillers (urghhh yuck). Think Vitality Nutrition is all about the ingredients,  in fact they feature every single ingredient on the packet with pictures and all! You know you’re on to a good product when they’re not afraid to tell you exactly what’s in it! Think Vitality Nutrition Superfood Blends is packed with quality, nourishing ingredients to make you feel amazing. Here’s the run down…

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) – yes this means dairy! But it’s the lactose in dairy that makes us feel ill and this WPI contains no lactose. Think Vitality Nutrition uses WPI from New Zealand pasture fed, hormone free raw cows milk. No chemicals, additives, and artificial sweeteners, it’s easy to digest, gentle on the stomach and promotes gut health.

Protein is essential for our bodies to repair and renew, it also boosts our immunity, assists body fat loss and helps us recover from physical and mental stress. This is why we’re SO excited to have found a convenient way to nourish our bodies with a protein supplement.

Coconut flour – y’all know we are cray cray for coconut! Just to name a few benefits, coconut increases our energy, immunity, keeps you feeling full and lowers the risk of heart disease.

Flaxseed – high fibre (it keeps you regular!) and reduces inflammation.

Almond meal – high in calcium, assists body fat loss and reduces the risk of heart attack.

Hazelnut meal – assists your body to use carbohydrates and fat for energy (winning!), increases your stamina and strengthens bones and joints.

Sunflower seeds – reduces blood pressure, prevents migraines and relaxes the nervous system.

Sesame seeds – anti-cancer properties, improves respiratory system and lowers blood pressure.

Chia seeds – great source of Omega 3’s, boosts your energy and detoxes the body.

Pumpkin seeds – fights depression, anti-inflammatory and assists body fat loss.

Inactive brewers yeast – regulates energy levels, improves skin, hair and nails and is high in Vitamin B12.

Psyllium husks – keeps you regular (yay!) and keeps you feeling full!

Stevia – regulates blood sugar levels, reduces cancer risk, plus it’s a 100% natural plant derived sweetener.

Pre and probiotics – improves digestion, promotes a healthy gut, boosts immunity and reduces hunger.

Maca powder – balances hormones/moods, makes your skin glow, gives you energy and improves heart health.

And that’s it! No numbers, no ingredients we can’t pronounce, no questions left unanswered. Where have you been all our life Think Vitality?! No more hiding!

To top it off, there are several varieties to choose from, each have these amazing superfood qualities and benefits (and this also means we don’t get bored of the same taste every day!). We’ve tried all the superfood blends: cinnamon, coconut and chocolate – they all have the taste factor of DELISH and just make us feel darn good.

When we find a product like Think Vitality Nutrition we go a little recipe crazy. What can we add it to?! How else can we enjoy it? Hmm maybe we could…

We’ll start with the obvious. The protein smoothie.

Do you ever get sick of pulling out all of those superfood packets from the cupboard everyday just to create your super-good-for-you smoothie (think: chia, cinnamon, coconut, almonds, stevia – the list can go on, right?!). Sometimes it feels like we spend more time moving the products to and from the cupboard than drinking our amazing smoothie! With Think Vitality Nutrition Superfood Blends, it’s as simple as throwing in your protein powder, milk/water of choice, ice and any extras. Whiz and drink! We created two smoothie flavours, check them out here: Chocolate Superfood Protein Smoothie AND Coconut Raspberry Superfood Protein Smoothie.

Now that winter is coming, smoothies might not be the brekky of choice. So we also created a Cinnamon Superfood Protein Porridge. Um, this might be our new obsession (so unlike us to get obsessed with a new recipe… haha).  It’s quick and easy to make, it tastes and feels like a warm hug, it fills and fuels you for a killer day! Click here for the recipe!

So YES we are excited about finding Think Vitality Nutrition… ! We’ll be stocking up that’s for sure and developing lots of new protein packed, easy as recipes for you all!

Yay! Fun! New!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Be sure to check out the Think Vitality Nutrition recipes we created…

Coconut Raspberry Superfood Protein Smoothie

Coconut Raspberry Superfood Protein Smoothie3

Cinnamon Superfood Protein Porridge

cinnamon superfood protein porridge

Chocolate Superfood Protein Smoothie

Chocolate Superfood Protein Smoothie

Just to let you know, this is a sponsored post. We only agree to create and write sponsored posts for products that we love and believe in, like Think Vitality Nutrition! You can read more about our policy here!

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