THR1VE 12 week transformation challenge | Paleo Sweet Potato Broccoli Mash Recipe.

paleo sweet potato broccoli mash2

This week we start the THR1VE 12 week #summerbody transformation challenge. The challenge is a slow and steady approach to cleaner, real food eating to ensure a lifetime of good eating habits.

There is more information on the 12 week challenge here but basically it involves 12 people from Canberra + 12 people from Sydney selected to take part (we were two of the lucky 12!) The THR1VE team provide us with direct access to a nutritionist, advice on training as well as basic meal plans for the whole 12 weeks. It really is an amazing opportunity to feel + look the best we can. The most exciting thing for us is that they are tracking our progress, so we will have some clear cut results… and lucky for you we can share all of our new found knowledge along the way!

You’re probably all thinking ‘but don’t you girls already eat that way?’ Well, yes, we do but we seem to have a little (slash large) issue that we have been trying to overcome for a while.  Over-eating. It seems no matter what we do: serve meals on smaller plates, put the leftovers away straight away etc etc. (we really have tried all the tricks) we still go back for seconds, thirds… maybe fourths! Our bodies just don’t need all that food!

Another problem is that we know you all LOVE our sweet treats (and so do we!) The only annoying thing is that when we make them…we eat them (and not just a tiny taste or one slice…the WHOLE thing!) Doh!

You know where we are coming from now, right? Awesome! Yay! Let’s do it! As you can tell, we are super excited about this challenge, with our number one goal to nourish our bodies with the right amount of good food. THR1VE say the challenge is not about stripping back, starving or strict detoxing (thank gawd, because who would want that?!)…it’s about adding, enhancing and building.

THR1VE also said that that by the end of the 12 weeks, we will be transformed into energised, vibrant, fat-burning beasts! We say: hell yeah!

The next 12 weeks is as an opportunity for us to really experiment with new foods and come up with plenty of quick + easy meals to get you into that #summerybody!

We’ll keep you posted on our progress throughout the challenge here on the blog as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – so go and follow us there too!

To get you thinking about some different ways to enjoy your regular veggies, we came up with this super delish paleo sweet potato broccoli mash. Sounds weird (and looks a little ugly)…but totally isn’t.

Always merrymaking,

e + c

paleo sweet potato broccoli mash.
Serves 6
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
30 min
stuff you need
  1. 400g sweet potato.
  2. 400g broccoli (about two heads) cut into florets.
  3. 2 tbs. olive oil.
  4. 1/3 cup almond milk.
  5. 1 tsp. cumin.
  6. salt + pepper to season.
now what
  1. Cook the sweet potato (we boiled ours) and broccoli (we steamed ours) until soft.
  2. Place the sweet potato, broccoli, olive oil, almond milk. cumin, salt + pepper in a blender (we use our Vitamix) and whiz till smooth.
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Serve with your favourite main, like stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon (YUM!)

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