7 ways to trick yourself into exercising when you’re unmotivated

We know exercise can feel like a struggle. We get it.

It’s hard to get motivated when you have a million tabs open in your brain, you might have kids to feed, emails to send, errands to run, bosses to keep happy, social engagements to get to and winter!

Ahhh it’s exhausting. And it’s easy to skip today’s workout, and then tomorrow’s and then tomorrow’s. Soon enough, your motivation is completely MIA and that fitness goal? Even further from reach.

But wait… we might just have the answer to get you into a new exercise flow.

Check out these 7 trialled and tested (by us!) little sneaky ways you can trick yourself into exercising.

1. Go and roll out your Yoga mat NOW. Even if you don’t want to do any exercise, simply sit on it! Sit and breathe… next minute you might find yourself stretching out your hamstrings, extend one leg and reach for your toes and swap to the other.

You might then roll to your back and do some crunches. Then you might find yourself doing some butt lifts. You get it, start with sitting and see where it takes you. Even if you move your body for 5 minutes this is the PERFECT place to start! Every big change starts with a single step.

2. Get your gratitude on. Gratitude really is the answer to any struggle. Instead of focusing on how you can’t be bothered to workout, change your thoughts to…I GET to move and exercise my body because I am simply able to. I can breathe, I can bend, I can walk, I can stretch. 

When you realise that the ability to move is something to be grateful for you’re more inclined to get moving.

And remember, moving and exercising will ensure you’re able to move with ease for many years to come! This is 2 tricks in one! 

3. Do 5-minute challenges. We all have a spare 5 minutes! Set your phone timer and do as many squats as you can in 5 minutes.

You might find after this short 5 minute burst you’re inspired to do more! ALSO! We have a bunch of free 5 minute Pilates and Yoga classes you can try right now. Get your free classes HERE.


4. Find a workout crew. Or just find one friend and sign up to an online class TOGETHER. Even if you do the class separately you’ll be more inspired to actually do the class.

Schedule it and check in with each other after. Also, now you have a job… to help your friend stay accountable. Sometimes a little external motivation is the only thing missing. 

5. Find your WHY. List your top 3 values and now link exercise and health to each and every one. Eg. your family/relationships could be a value. 

When you exercise you’ll release more happy endorphins, you’ll bring better moods to your household and relationships. OR, exercise will help you become more energised so you can keep up the kids.

6. Get cute and comfortable activewear. We know this may seem materialistic BUT it works! Also, the comfort factor is OH SO important. You want leggings that actually stay up! And shorts that don’t ride up.

If your lack of workout clothes is an obstacle to you getting on the Yoga mat or taking a walk… invest in some new clothes. It’s an investment in your health after all.

Also, there are so many options available to suit everyone in all styles and price ranges. We are living in an activewear haven right now. If you’d like recommendations, let us know. We’ve trailed many Yoga pants haha.

7. Visualise how you’ll feel after the workout. Close your eyes, focus on how you’d feel AFTER your class. You feel proud of yourself, accomplished, maybe you feel energised and strong. Maybe you feel empowered. Maybe you feel like you are on your way toward your goals. You feel GOOD. And maybe, now you’re inspired to workout!

Let us know if you use any of these tricks. We use many of them personally and inside the MerryBody Studio community.

And just remember, if you do the workout today, or not… you’re amazing, just as you are.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla



Feature image by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash.

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