Triple choc chunk brownies! The best paleo brownie recipe we’ve made!


Oh yeh… triple choc chunk brownies just went down! We can officially report this is the best paleo brownie recipe we’ve made! 

And we’ve made a bunch of brownie recipes. Recipes with sweet potato, recipes with pumpkin, with raspberries and no sweetener. But this is officially the best paleo brownie recipe. So if you’ve never made one of our old paleo brownie recipes start with this one!

The brownie bit is to-die-for-delish by itself but Carla went and created this choc banana frosting and it’s epically drool worthy ahhhh-mazing. 

Plus it’s a super easy recipe, so it ticks all our Merry boxes. 

It’s got the delish factor and the easy factor. Boom. Time to schedule your triple choc chunk brownie bake up day (yah?! YAH!).


OK, let’s talk more about this easy factor. You don’t need a mix master or blender for the brownie bit. So if you’re yet to invest or if yours has recently blown up or you just hate all recipes with extra cooking machines… THIS is the recipe for you!

You might need to swap the banana frosting to something else if you’re sans a blender. We vote, go buy some store bought sugar free chocolate, melt it on the double boiler and drizzle it all over your brownie. 

Oh, we’ve decided this would be a fun and yum idea even if you do have a blender/mix master!

Yep this really is the…

BEST paleo brownie recipe ever!

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Next time we make this recipe we’re going to serve them hot with coconut ice cream and fresh berries. Yes, yes, yes! What do you reckon? What will you serve your delish triple choc brownie with?

Don’t forget to share your delish Merry foodie pics on social media with #getmerry so we don’t miss them! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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