Try these easy at home workouts with no equipment

Covid and quarantine really have altered the way we all workout and train. We loved doing Yoga and Pilates at home before ‘covid’ and ‘lockdown’ became part of our regular vocabulary. We first created MerryBody Online Yoga and Pilates back in 2018! BUT 2020 really put a spanner in the works for all our workouts, right?

And yes, we realise this is very much a non-issue in terms of what else the pandemic brought… but right now we’re simply talking about your workout. And if you’re stuck for ideas, check out some of our go-to easy at home workouts, with no equipment required! 

25 Minute Yoga and Pilates Fusion at Home Workout

This 25 minute at home Pilates and Yoga class is one of our favourites from MerryBody Online Studio and you can try it today! It’s got the best of both worlds: Yoga and Pilates.

In this class we focus on the side body, in less than half an hour you’ll feel the burn and bliss. Get ready to strengthen and tone your side body with a Pilates long leg sequence, followed by stretching and lengthening the side body with a dynamic Yoga flow.

You’re going to LOVE this class. Zero equipment required, just your amazing body and an internet connection (which you obviously have if you’re reading this haha). Enjoy!


7 Minute at Home Ab Workout

Ohhhh this class is so fast it’s over before you know it… and YES you still feel the burn! 

In Pilates, there is a big focus on working the core. And the goal isn’t to get a 6 pack, it’s all about working those deep and important core muscles. The ones that help your posture and spine health. This is really important as you (and all of us!) age. You want to be able to do all the things, like tie your laces and use the stairs for as long as possible. Right?! 

Do the class below or even better sign up HERE and we will send it straight to your inbox!

Plus, when you sign up, you’ll get another 2 at home Pilates and Yoga classes sent right to you!

Sign up to our FREE 3 day Core Challenge now. These classes are designed to strengthen your core and create inner confidence. 


Super Quick and Fire-y HIIT Pilates at Home Workout.

Do this 3 times and let us know how you feel ✅✅✅

5 x top half pushups (option, on knees)
5 x go deeper push-ups (option, on knees)
10 x mountain climbers (option on knees and alternate knees to chest).
Hold plank for 30 seconds (on knees as an option).

You can watch Emma demonstrating this HIIT Pilates at home workout below. 


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Once you’ve done these 3 at home workouts come and checkout MerryBody Online Studio. The best part, you get 7 days to try it out! Get all the info you need over here.

In MerryBody we not only make home workouts fun but we focus on working out with an intention of self-acceptance. 

So if you’re over the common fitness world stuff… like an instructor yelling at you about burning calories or talking about your muffin top (urgh, makes us mad), come and try MerryBody. (we NEVER do this and never will).

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Ps. the feature image is from a recent photoshoot with Lululemon. It was so much fun!


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