Vspot Cafe Raw Food Night.

Canberra is pretty main stream when it comes to food. Don’t get us wrong, there are some super delish places to eat + we can (usually) always paleo-fy something on the menu but it’s no Sydney or Melbourne—where there’s an array of healthy eating places. Luckily for us, it seems more + more options keep opening up. We’ve mentioned Thr1ve before, the perfect healthy + mostly paleo food for when you’re on the go.  But today we’re talking raw, vegetarian + vegan at the new V spot cafe in Canberra City (Garema Place) and just in time for world vegan month!

Merrymaker disclaimer:  yes we eat paleo (+ love meat) but we are extremely supportive of anyone promoting a healthier way of eating + are always excited to try new food (within our dietary requirements of course!).

There are 2 things we love when eating out:  good food/portions (duh) + the service. Happy to give ticks all round for  V spot cafe (YAY). Chrissy, the lovely owner/manager is actually 1 of the nicest people we have met (nice people are our favourite kinds of people). And well, the pictures of the food say it all.


The energy in the cozy V spot cafe was buzzing. Seating was long communal tables, great to meet new people + practice those networking skillseven though we knew at least 3 other people there (haha gotta love Canberra!).

The menu included:

Avocado + kale pesto with zoodles
Sun dried tomato + cashew basil sauce with zoodles
Mushroom pizza
Vegetable lasagne
Lemon + blueberry ‘cheese’ cake
Choc-chilli raw cake

3 words: OH. MY. FOOD.

It’s amazing how tasty, simple, fresh + raw food can be!  We will admit, we’d love the addition of some grilled chicken or a juicy steak but thoroughly enjoyed going meat-free for a night + are even contemplating hopping on the meat-free Monday bandwagon!  We have plenty of salads for summer in the pipeline! Of course, we loved the raw treats, just take one look at our blog… our healthy sweet treat recipes outweigh all the other recipes put together… oops!

Thanks to Chrissy for a delicious night + we are looking forward to the next theme night! Maybe some merrymaker treats will be on the menu?! For more information check out the V spot cafe facebook page here.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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