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If you’re including more meatless Mondays in your week. Or if you’re trialling out the vegan diet this is the recipe for you. This vegetable curry recipe is fully packed with the delish factor and filled with so many nourishing vegetables. It’s also super easy to make, so there are ticks all round!

We’re not vegan, we’re not even vegetarian BUT we are eating less meat. For us, we feel that we need at least a small amount of meat because we both get very low iron.

But we 100% love including more vegetarian and vegan days… but we also found many vegan recipes include lots of grains and chickpeas/lentils.

Oh and we don’t mind chickpeas or lentils… they’re very yummy! But, so sad, our tummies do not like them too much. So yes every now and again but definitely not every day! 

If you’re a lover of chickpeas and lentils, feel free to add them to this easy vegan curry recipe! 

This vegetable curry recipe was originally from our Get Merry hard copybook. There are a few copies left, you can order yours HERE. It’s not vegan… so only get it if you eat meat (haha).


If you make this delicious vegetable curry recipe let us know! Share a pic with us on social media, we LOVE seeing your Merrymaker creations.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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Vegan Veggie Curry
Serves 4
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
45 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
45 min
  1. 400 ml (13 fl. oz.) coconut milk (canned)
  2. 300 g (10 oz.) frozen peas
  3. 8 asparagus spears chopped
  4. 4 carrots peeled and chopped
  5. 1 garlic clove crushed
  6. 1 onion diced
  7. 1/2 cauliflower cut into florets
  8. 1 cm (1⁄2 inch) piece of ginger finely sliced
  9. 1⁄4 cup cashew nuts
  10. 3 tbs. chopped coriander (cilantro)
  11. 1 tbs. garam masala
  12. 1 tbs. paprika
  13. 1 tsp. turmeric coconut oil
  14. salt and pepper
  1. In a large saucepan on high heat, melt a little coconut oil and add onion. Cook for about 2 minutes.
  2. Add the garlic, ginger and spices and cook for another couple minutes.
  3. Pour in the coconut milk and bring everything to a slow boil.
  4. Turn the heat down to low, cover and allow to simmer for 5 minutes.
  5. Turn the heat back up to medium and add the asparagus, carrots and cauliflower.
  6. Cover and cook for another 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  7. Finally add the peas and salt and pepper to taste. Cook for another 2 minutes or until peas are soft.
  8. Serve with fresh coriander and cashew nuts.
  2. Add any vegetable to this curry! It’s a great fridge clean out recipe! Yay for no waste!
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