We heard you hate your body? ?

Age 16: I hate my body.
Age 21: I hate my body. I wish I looked like I did at 16.
Age 28: I hate my body. I wish I looked like I did at 21.
Age 35: I hate my body. I wish I looked like I did at 28.
Age 47: I hate my body. I wish I looked like I did at 35.
Age 55: I hate my body. I wish I looked like I did at 47.
Age 68: I hate my body. I wish I looked like I did at 55 etc. etc.

Can you relate?

And can you see how every moment you spend…

…hating your body,

…feeling shame for the extra 5 kgs,

…worrying about your bumpy butt and thighs,

…thinking of your muffin top as you lean forward,

…trying to stretch out your double chin…

is a complete waste of time.

And before you let your mind wander, there is absolutely no point in feeling guilty about these past thoughts.

There is no point to regret.

It is what it is… and you are here NOW, realising this NOW.

Good job, this is the hardest part! You already did the hardest part!

You can not change the past… but you can choose how you think NOW.

And when you change how you think NOW… you change how you think TOMORROW.

You are creating your future… NOW.

And if you’re coming on this journey with us… together let’s all say NO to these body hating thoughts.

Together, let’s all choose another way.

You don’t have to LOVE your body. But please, oh please, no more hating your body.

Why not try to accept your body. Just as it is, right here and right now.

Accept it for all that it is and all that it does for you.

And remember it’s a practice, you might fall back into your old way of thinking but then you come back to acceptance and the truth.

The truth is that you’re amazing, just as you are, right here and right now.

We find the best tool to come back faster is our breath.

Take 3 simple deep and full breaths.

We also use meditation.

We also use Yoga.

These actions remind us of our worth. They remind us that we are enough, just as we are. 

These daily actions help us build body acceptance. They make the body acceptance we feel even stronger, so there are fewer fallbacks to that old body hate thinking.

These actions do the same for our MerryBody Members.

And they will for you. MerryBody is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

Come and try our MerryBody Yoga Classes and feel the difference for yourself.

The best part is that you can try for free. No credit card required.

We’re running a free 7 Day Yoga and Meditation Program, we begin on 5 October and we’d LOVE to have you part of it.

There’s still time to JOIN HERE.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Photo by Claudia Soraya on Unsplash

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