What Does Pilates Do For The Body?


When wondering what does Pilates do for the body, there are 2 ways to look at it. 

Firstly, how will your body feel during and straight after a Pilates class. What are the instant impacts? Then secondly, what happens when you practice Pilates over an extended and consistent time?

Instant impacts from Pilates

Like any form of exercise, just one Pilates class will get the feel good hormones pumping. This means, it’s an instant mood lifter. With anxiety, depression, and stress on the continuous rise, exercise really is an essential mental health practice. 

Pilates exercises also link to your breath creating a mind body connection. This creates body awareness and it helps you get out of your head and into the present moment. 

A presence practice is another tool for reducing anxiety and stress. Meditation is not the only way to pratice presence, you can use your Pilates workouts! 

Some of the principles of the practice, once known as Contrology by founder, Joseph Pilates, are control, precision and concentration. 

Each move is purposeful, each move is done with focus and attention, therefore Pilates moves require 100% of your presence and attention.

You will leave your first Pilates class feeling amazing. You’ll feel energized, uplifted and you’ll even feel 2 inches taller because of the style of movement patterns.

If you’re feeling inspired, try this Pilates routine right now!

In this class you’ll work your core, booty and thighs. You’ll also feel amazing! It’s just over 10 minutes long. So, roll out your Yoga mat (or find some space), hit play and move your body!

But now for the life changing stuff… what about when you create a consistent Pilates practice?

What does a consistent Pilates practice do for the body?

Pilates improves core strength, muscle tone, increased mobility and flexibility, good posture and more!  

You’ll use your core muscles in every single Pilates move. 

This is important, not because of the potential 6 pack, but core strength leads to improved posture and will prevent injuries! It makes everyday tasks easier, it leads to a better quality of life! Yay for your strong core!

Pilates focuses on total body alignment and integration. Everything is connected, the move begins at the centre of the body but each aspect is important. It’s the perfect balance of strength and flexibility work and this leads to great improvement with your range of motion within your joints.

As we already mentioned, in just one class you will feel your mood lift, and your anxiety reduce. Imagine how you’d feel doing Pilates 3-5 times a week? Imagine how you’d feel doing that for 12 weeks and then longer!

This is what we truly love about this exercise. There are just so many benefits of pilates for both, mind and body.

And this is why we started our MerryBody Yoga and Pilates App. Within the online studio you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of classes, from beginner to challenge, 5 minutes to 30, from Yin Yoga to intense Pilates classes! The perfect class for however you’re feeling day to day, but if you hate making decisions we also create a class schedule, each and every week!


We don’t just focus on the physical aspects, we’ve also added the mindset practices of self-acceptance and self-belief. 


Because we used to be completely obsessed with calorie counting, weight loss fads and getting skinny. It led to a deep dissatisfaction with life in general, it led to yo-yo dieting and bulimia, it led to sadness.

We had a huge AHA moment when we realised that we got to choose how we perceive ourselves. That we didn’t need to look like the women in the magazines and that we could stop being conditioned by a society of diet culture. 

This is what MerryBody is about. It’s a method of exercise that allows you to feel all the amazing benefits from exercise, but without the weight loss obsession. 

It’s a celebration of what you and your amazing body can do right here and now. It’s an act of self-kindness and care. 

If this sounds like something you want in your life, sign up HERE and we’ll send you a free Pilates class straight to your inbox! This way you can test it out and see if it’s right for you!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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